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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who's Hot? Asher Bradshaw, rides for Sims

The new Sims Team: Michael Chantry, Kriston Blake Wilcox, Nick Shadursky, Michael Hess, Matt Wilcox, Tom Sims, Travis Clark,
 Asher Bradshaw, Seth Sanders, Drayden Gardner, Fabian Herrera, Kiko Francisco, Peter Gonzales, Philip Mendoza,
Holly McDonald Gardner. Photo Sims Skateboard - Phil Mendoza.

Asher Bradshaw is a long time friend of isTia. We are proud of him...
Skateboarding is going old school again. The Sims Skateboard team, a pioneer of teams from the early days of skateboard competition in the 1970s, is back in business. And one of those pioneers, former world champion Michael Hess, is behind the resurgence.

Tom Sims was a pure juice skateboarder. He created the skateboard company Sims skateboards & sponsored many of the top professional skateboarders of the 1980s including Lester Kasai, Jeff Phillips (who later committed suicide) & Christian Hosoi. Tom Sims worked under his brand until the late 1970's when Sims skateboard team rider and visionary Lonnie Toft brought Bob Weber's Flying Banana to skateboarder magazine page.

Today, Michael Hess is organizing a new team with young riders he considers the future of the sport. Team members have to meet certain qualifications above and beyond the skill of staying on the board. With Asher Bradshaw and Kiko Francisco the two major rippers of Venice skatepark, he is not making any mistake. He says that the skateboarders "have to have emotion and passion for the sport,” Hess says. “They have to be good students in school and good role models.”

One of those lucky kids to get a tap on the shoulder is Asher Bradshaw, the whiz kid whose video went viral on the internet last November.

Competition isn’t the aim for the Sims team. Hess envisions his riders as goodwill ambassadors of the sport. “Skateboarding has become such an individual thing, our team is just about doing the right thing,” Hess says. “We’re not going to force competition with them. That’s an option. We’re trying to send a positive message. We want to be the team that if you fall down, we’re there to pick you up whether you’re on our team or not.”

Way to go Asher Bradshaw and congrats to Michael Hess and the rest of the team.

Want to know more about Asher Bradshaw? read Asher Bradshaw's interview here.
Want to know more about Kiko Francisco? read Kiko Fransisco's interview here.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, June 15, 2011 


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