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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Bowlriders of 2011

The 25 Best Bowl Riders of 2011 (January to July 2011)

1Pedro Barros4800
2Nolan Munroe3200
3Sky Siljeg2850
4Rune Glifberg2600
5Kevin Kowalski2000
6Milton Martinez1800
7Brad McClain1800
8Sandro Dias1775
9Josh Stafford1675
10Michael O'Friel1650
11Steve Reeves1550
12Josh Mattson1550
13Mike Barnes1450
14Nilo Pecanha1400
15Alex Sorgente1400
16Josh Borden1300
17RJ Barbaro1300
18Steven Pineiro1300
19Tim Johnson1250
20Daniel Cuervo1200
21Zack Miller1150
22Benjo Galloway1075
23Omar Hassan1025
24Nathan Beck1025
25Sam Beckett925
The 25 best bowlriders of 2011.
The full list actually contains 250 names.
All links lead to isTia's interview of the
Pedro Barros.
Best bowlrider 1st semester 2011
Photo Red-Bull Brazil
The 25 best bowl riders of 2011: Methodology

In putting together a methodology to rank the best bowl rider of the first semester for 2011, isTia strived to be balanced and objective. To that end, we used only quantitative, reliable metrics with data from authoritative third parties (the World Cup Skateboarding website). We do realize that no methodology is perfect, but we did our best to weed out any factors that would obviously skew the results like showcasing the skaters we prefer, for example. isTia is not sponsoring anybody, so we are not judge and party… We wanted isTia rankings to include the most significant skaters, so we took the best bowl contests for the first 6 months of 2011: Wellington and Bondi Bowl-A-Rama, Florida Bowl Riders, Pro-Tec Pool Party, Marseille Orange Cup, and Rome G-Shock. We gave to each skater exactly the same ranking as the WCS (1st= 1000 pts; 2nd=900 pts, 3rd = 800pts; 4th = 750 pts, 5th = 700, etc…) and compiled all the data in a big spreadsheet with 250 different worldwide transition rider names and 10 excel tabs. The file is awash with strange formulas like “Vlookups”, “Concatenate”, “Value” and “if”. Therefore, the list is based on pure mathematical crushing numbers.

Our first surprise was to see that a lot of so called hi-flyers are not in the best 50. A good 40% of the top 50 best bowl riders are skaters that nobody knew three or even two years ago. And beware of the kids 14 and under that are rocking the pool world. Because those kids are not Pro (yet) they are not ranked, but kids like Asher Bradshaw, Clay Kreiner, Chris Russell, Cory Juneau, Juan Pineirio, Morgan Wolf, Kiko Franciso, Austin Poynter, Keith Baldassare and Colby Franz are not only pushing the transition limits but are ready to rock any cradle, provided there is a big fat coping; even at young age.

That young riders are pushing the Masters to a kind of vert museum is not entirely shocking, as bowl riding is trendy again because of skateparks that suddenly popped up everywhere, not only in the US but throughout the world. This new-born bowl fury has a lot to do with all the best bowl contests currently available: the XGames (Los Angeles), The Pro-Tec Pool Party (Combi Pool, Vans), Coastal Carnage (Huntington Beach), Bowl-A-Rama (both Bondi and Wellington), Rock The Cradle (Houston), Clash at Clairemont (San Diego), the Ultra Bowl (Malmo Sweden), The Florida Bowlriders Cup (Kona Skatepark), the Tim Brauch Memorial (San Jose), the Red Bull Skate Generation (Florianópolis, Brazil) and to a lesser extent, the Mystic SK8 Cup (Prague Czech Republic) and the Dew Tour - Commotion Down The Ocean (3 US cities).

The second surprise is to see that Street Specialists like Milton Martinez are also in the best 50, a sign that bowl riding might evolve more toward a trick-based skateboarding and less line-based ... Indeed, this trend was perceptible at the last Pro-Tec in the Combi Pool where a few skate critics deplored the back-and-forth-ism of a couple of good riders.

So, as a foundation for the next bowl contests for the second semester of 2011, here is the list (on the left) of the best bowl riders for the first half of 2011. Take a good look at it; chances are this list will dramatically change in December 2011.

Disclaimer: although we want to be as accurate as possible, this chart is not the official ranking of the WCS and the WCS is not responsible for any information used on isTia. The WCS may have another way of processing rankings. For more information and official data log on:

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, July 07, 2011 

Anonymous Leigh Roche said...

Yes- this is an excellent analysis! Completely devoted to your website, BTW
I also noticed the trend toward tricks integrated with line skating at the G-Shock Rome World Cup, too. What can we do to get more of these events "broadcast" on line live like so many other events are now?
Leigh Roche
Extreme Sports Topic ShrEditor,

July 8, 2011 at 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sick, its posted on

July 18, 2011 at 9:27 AM  

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