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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dew Tour 2011- First stop Ocean City MD - Open Qualifier update

Made it through the qualifiers at the dew stop today:) I got 7th out of 25 young guns! Now tomorrow, the cut/ contest
will be even gnarlier to get into the semi- finals. 13 of us will now go against 25 pre-qualified bowl riders. Stoked!”
 Cab. Photo Lee Leal -Embassy
That’s it, the new bowl circus has started again at Ocean City MD for the 1st stop of the Dew Tour 2011. According to Dorsey Truitt, the Owner of legendary skateboard distributor Atlantic Skate, reached by email today, he says that he is “Not going near that place, it's like a Chinese fire drill. Too many people and not much parking, and it's too hot near 100”. Dorsey knows; he has been distributing skateboards for the past 35 years from his warehouse in Ocean City, just blocks away from the Bowl Party Contest.

Accordingly, Everybody is so stocked with the new bowl. It seems amazing that a bowl with a size like this can be ready in a couple of days only. What’s more, after the contest, the bowl will be cut in pieces, transported into big trailer and re-constructed in the 2nd stop in Portland.
Sandro Dias landed #1 in the qualifiers today... Photo Lee Leal - Embassy
The qualifiers already started and the sick level of all the bowl rider had all the happy-few left jaw-dropping.

This contest is already set-up to be one of the most memorable bowl contests of the year. The bowl, the players, the weather, the action, the people, the set. Everything will make it a contest to remember.

Take a look at the pictures that “Skate With Pride” Lee Leal from Embassy Skateboards sent isTia.

Qualifying Results:
1 Dias Sandro
2 Dern Dalton
3 Mattson Josh
4 Schaar Tom
5 O'friel Michael
6 Sorgente Alex
7 Caballero Steve
8 Kimbel Willis
9 Blair Charlie
Julien Benoliel and Guillaume Mocquin both made the trip from their Hometown in Marseilles in France to participate
to the Commotion. And they both got qualified. Above Guillaume Mocquin. Photo Lee Leal
10 Pineiro Steven
11 Mocquin Guillaume
12 Beckett Sam
13 Taylor Adam
14 Horrwarth Juergen
15 Lorifice Rob
16 Mumma Tyler
17 Benoliel Julien
18 Stafford Josh
19 Boulanger Joey
20 Jones Rodney
21 Wisniewski Paul
22 Fancher Packy
23 Merlino Mason
24 Harris Corbin
25 Furlong Anthony
Steven Pineiro. Embassy phenom in the Ocean City huge bowl. Hell Flip Indy Photo Lee Leal. Embassy Skateboards

“Today was the practice day and everyone loved it. I have to say Josh Mattson was my favorite ripper today, along with
 Caballero! Sorry to say but there isn't a girls comp. Believe it, the whole bowl is going to be set up next month in Portland the
 Dew Tour there. Chris Miller designed, Sphon Ranch built...Amazing!” Don Bostick WCS.
Josh Mattson in action. Photo Lee Leal. Embassy Skateboards
All pictures by Lee Leal - Embassy Skateboards. Usde by permission.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, July 21, 2011 


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