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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dew Tour Ocean City: Bowl final results

Ben Hatchell landedd #2. Photo Lee Leal - Embassy
From Dew Tour:
Pedro Barros destroyed the competition at Dew Tour’s first skate bowl event with his massive transfers, 540 variations, style around the corners and unbelievable speed. he beat out two veterans of the sport Bucky Lasek and Andy McDonald to win the first ever Skate Bowl Competition at the Dew Tour Pantech Open in Ocean City Maryland.

From the start of the first heat through the superfinals, it was 16-year-old Barros who was the guy to beat. He posted the highest score of the finals and carried it through the five-man superfinals to take home the win with a score of 85.63.

"I think today was the day I was skating best,” Barros said. “I could do my best lines. The way that I skate is always trying to go as fast as I can and as high as I can.
Pedro Barros. Photo Lee Leal. Embassy Skateboards
So that’s what I did today and it worked out pretty good for me.” Pedro barros left no doubt (if any) in the minds of the fans that he is not only the future of bowl skating, he's setting the current standard. Barros impressed all day long with huge airs and technical transfers that only he was able to pull.

Bucky Lasek was injured recently but looked good and confident showing no effects from the injury. He fought his way back from 10th at one point to make it into the superfinals where he put down some good runs and a big frontside rodeo on the corner. He finished second with a score of 84.00.

Zero rider Ben Hatchell showed lip supremacy and vert mastery, and got extra points for wearing no pads.
Bucky Lasek returned to his first competition after suffering a broken ankle while filming for a GoPro commercial in
his home pool back in May. Bucky Lasek #3. Photo Lee Leal - Embassy Skateboards
He came out of the scariest slams like he was walking down the sidewalk. No pads, no shoe, no problem! His Mctwist and Indy kickflip was insane, and he had some of the best combos all day.

“Overall I think it was an amazing event,” Hatchell said. “It was really cool that it was on the beach in Ocean City because I live in Virginia, so I can drive here and avoid Cali flights. It’s way sicker on the East Coast (laughing).”

Hatchell’s alley oop front feeble in the superfinals was amazing, and he finished third with 81.63.

Andy Macdonald finished fourth (80.13) with a kickflip melon grab, massive transfers, indy kickflip into 540 varial and a huge transfer attempt at the end.

Eighteen-year-old Nolan Munroe used a massive
Kevin Kowalski. Photo Lee Leal Embassy Skateboards
540, airwalk lien to tail, and 540 transfer attempts in the superfinal and finished in fifth with a score of 77.38 points.

The two best scores out of four runs counted, with 50 points as the highest score possible.

Other highlights from the Dew Tour’s first bowl Final included Ben Raybourn’s easy style and one foot 540, 540 rock n roll and 270 axel stall.

Benji Galloway entertained the capacity crowd with a back lip through the corner, a tuck knee over the hip. He even lost his hat and managed to grab and put it back on his head in the same run.

Overall the skaters were stoked and the crowds were fired up to see it all go down.

Pedro Barros landed #1. Barros impressed all with huge airs and technical transfers that only he was pulling.
Next stop for bowl is the Portland Invitational

“This year it’s incredible that they added bowl to the two stops,” Barros said. “I think that’s enough to show that bowl is really important to keep skateboarding going.”

Dew Tour Bowl Final Results:
1. Pedro Barros
2. Ben Hatchell
3. Bucky Lasek
4. Andy Macdonld
5. Nolan Munore
6. Omar Hassan
7. Rune Glifberg
8. Ben Raybourn
9. Benji Galloway
10. Kevin Kowalski

Thanks to Lee Leal (Embassy Skateboards) for the pictures. All pictures used with permission.

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