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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dew Tour Ocean City: Vert Results

..."Stasche Power" propelled Bucky Lasek to the #1 at Dew Tour Ocean City today. Photo Lee Leal Embassy
From Dew Tour:
In the final run of the five-man skateboard vert superfinal, Pierre-Luc Gagnon was the last rider to go. From the top of the extension, he was ready to drop in what would have been his victory run, until the announcers called out Bucky Lasek's last run score.

It was PLG’s 87.75 that everyone needed to beat. Adam Taylor, Pedro Barros and Shaun White were throwing down in the finals. Even with a varial 540 from Taylor, endless back-to-back bangers from Barros and a huge heel flip to frontside from White, none had been able to post a higher score

But Lasek got his rhythm going with combo after combo, including a fakie to fakie 540, a McTwist 540 and a style that earned him an 88.50 on his last run of the 4-run Superfinal. The best run counts, and that left it up to PLG to take back the lead.

Pedro Barros
If anyone was capable to doing it, it would definitely be defending Dew Cup champ Gagnon, but he missed a trick in his run and before the buzzer even sounded, everyone knew the win went to Md. Native Lasek for his score of 88.50.

That bumped PLG into second and White finished in third with 86.25, Barros was fourth with 82.50 and Taylor was fifth with 77.25.

Eventually, Bucky lasek easealy defeated a stacked field that included Shaun White, PLG, Adam Taylor and Pedro Barros. How did he do it..."Stasche Power" as he may say...or it could've been that hometown crowd behind him and erupting with his every movement. Either way, congrats Bucky, you deserve it!!!
Mitchie Brusco arrived # 1 athe qualifiers, but only landed 6th in the finals. Not bad for a rookie. Photo Lee Leal Embassy

Final vert results
1. Bucky Lasek
2. PL Gagnon
3. Shaun White
4. Pedro Barros
5. Adam Taylor
6. Mitchie Brusco
7. Ronaldo Gomes
8. Alex Perelson
9. Andy Macdonald
10. Sandro Dias

Shaun White did not win, but who cares? Certainly not him: he has 1,200,000 friends on Facebook to support him.
Any of his posts yeilds 3,000 likes and 500++ comments. More than Thrasher + Transworld + SkateBoarder altogether...
Photo Lee Leal - Embassy

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, July 24, 2011 


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