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Monday, July 18, 2011

Richie Jackson’s Flower Children firecracker kickflip

Richie Jackson, the moustache wizard lands a firecracker kickflip.
We are not talking a lot about Street Skating at isTia, but when we see awesome talent, we need to recognize it and account for it. Two years ago, a video started to spread everywhere in YouTube and Facebook about a guy named Richie Jackson doing ground-breaking and jaw dropping tricks on his board Actually, with his board seems more accurate –given that the guy’s stance makes that half of the time, he is not even on his board… The guy is still here and he still lands (add your own superlative here) tricks. Take a look at that video if you still don’t know who Richie “Moustache” Jackson is.

Death Skateboards pro Richie Jackson has just launched this week his own clothing range called "Flower Children". There is a psychedelic t-shirt range for you to check out on Ritchie Jackson website.

Richie Jackson officially joined Flower Children at the end of June and seems to be the only skater in the team, so far... Also, check out his firecracker kickflip down a set of stairs and start dreaming about what is going to be in his new section for the forthcoming Death video Ordinary Madness that is currently on course for a November premiere. Rumours online say that Patrick Melcher and Richie Jackson will be sharing a section. Thankfully we only have just 4 months to find out.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, July 18, 2011 


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