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Friday, August 12, 2011

Michael Owen Dominates Dew Tour Bowl at Portland 2011

Bucky Lassek, practicing at the Dew Tour Bowl in Portland
For the 7th consecutive season, Portland, Oregon will be hosting the Dew Tour. Don’t miss out as new events and greater action will be taking over the Rose Quarter. Event dates are August 11th-14th and tickets are on sale now!
The Dew Tour will also be hosting some very fun events in the days leading up to the 7th year of competition. Keep a close watch on the Portland area for an opportunity to be part of the excitement:

Venue Information:
Rose Quarter
One Center Court
Portland, OR 97227
Wally Inouye in 1977 at Anaheim Skatepark. Picture from Russ Howell for SkateBoarder Magazine, April 1977.
Note that there is no coping. In 1977, there was no coping in the skateparks, they appeared later on...
My guess is those are Bennett Trucks with Road Riders... What do you think?
It's only after that spread showed up in SkateBoarder that Wally received a call from Tom Sims.
Read the rest in the history skate books...
Dew Tour Qualifiers
Michael Owen placed first in the Skate Bowl Qualifiers beating out number 2 and 3 finishers Mason Merlino and Willis Kimbel with a score of 80.25. Owens' consistent run saw him blasting back-to-back airs, a one-footed 5-0 grind, and an alley-oop nose grind. He will compete in the Semi-Finals tomorrow.

Qualifiers Results:
1. Michael Owen - 80.25
2. Mason Merlino - 76.25
3. Willis Kimball - 76.25
4. Joshua Rodrigues - 76.00
5. Aaron Homoki - 75.00
6. Charlie Blair - 74.50
7. Andrew Langi - 73.50
8. David Gravette - 70.50
9. Sergie Ventura - 68.50
10. Rion Linderman - 67.25

Also, word is that there will be an Alli Rideshop Legends Jam with Duane Peters, Lance Mountain, Pat Ngoho, Chris Miller, Steve
Wally Inouye at The Ranch. Note the magnificent tiles and the coping. Wally was riding
for Gull-Wing at the time, although you can barely recognize the trucks in that pic,
from Warren Bolster. Funny that this pic is also used in a toy-pool sold at Wal-Mart.
Truly iconic pic and so stylish.
Caballero, Tony Magnusson, Steve Alba & several other masters.

But the big news is the allegedly return of Wally Inouye into the contest skate scene.

Wally got his nickname by being one of the first skaters ever to ride a wall, just when skateboarding was transitioning from clay wheels to urethane is the early 70’s. When Wally was in 7th grade, he was skateboarding at his school on a wall there that was six feet. On a recent Juice Interview he recalls that “It went up three feet, then it went 45 degrees and then it went back up another three feet. We were trying to ride up the wall and get a one-wheeler off the three-foot high part and come down. I was the only kid that did it. So my friends were like, 'Wally!'” After that, everyone at school started calling him 'Wally'.

Wally started skateboarding in 1966 but really got into it in '69. He is part of the old generation of skateboarders that viewed surfing as equal as skateboarding. He recalls that “We were living in East LA and going to Huntington Beach on the weekends to surf. I grew up in a very hilly area, so we had a place to skate. We could skate and pretend we were surfing. Back then, style mattered.” And style is not only truly the essence of skateboarding but of Wally. “To me, style came with making things look easy. Growing up and watching these guys surf, made you want to make it look easy and cool. When Neishi was getting barreled, he made it look easy. He just stood there calmly, instead of fighting it. I could compare our styles, Olson. You ride your skateboard more on the edge, but stay in complete control. You have that surf style. In a competition sense, my frontside grind and your frontside grind are the same, but you make yours look so much more gnarly.”

Then, in the 70’s Inouye started IPS (Inouye's Pool Service) and was one of the first pool skaters. "In 1976 we were riding empty pools," said Inouye. "No one knew what all there was to do, so we were having a good time and seeing how far we could push it." "Pushing it" is exactly what led to his signature moves.
The Ranch was designed by IPS (Inouye’s Pool Service) Tom Inouye, Chris Strople and Curtis Hesselgrave.
A "backside air" is a move that involves approaching a vertical wall in a backside manner, grabbing the board as you clear the top, and returning to the wall. In a "wall ride," you ride the board onto a wall and back to the ground.

Wally is still ripping it up, and sometimes competes in the grand masters division of park, bowl, and pool competitions. Today, he owns a skate shop in Hood River, Oregon, called "IPS Skate Shop." And will participate at the bowl jam at Portland…

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