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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jordan Hoffart Pegasus Powell Pro Model with VCJ Artwork

The Hoffart Pegasus

Until a couple of days ago, Jordan’s Hoffart was almost a star. He had his own blog where he talks about where there is a nasty bug preventing people to read it. For years, he lived in Vancouver working construction and skating every spare moment he had. In 2009, Jordan Hoffart moved to San Diego to live the skateboarder’s dream. When he first got on Adio footwear and was welcomed to their pro program in March 2010, with an eventual shoe that opened his horizon. In August 2010, he was first up for Adio’s part-by-part web series Going Forward (which was followed-up by the Oct. 2010 release of Chris Troy’s part). But by late November 2010, the dream became nightmare when Adio decided to cut their entire skate team, their marketing initiatives, and squash the rest of their video project.
Nonetheless, working his way up the ranks from shop sponsored skate rat to professional skateboarder, Jordan has paid his way with blood, sweat and sacrifice; the only true way to make it.
Today, Powell-Peralta is excited to announce Jordan Hoffart’s much-deserved pro model, The Hoffart Pegasus, featuring one-of-a-kind graphics by the mystic, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson. This is VCJ’s first commercial offering since his highly anticipated return to Powell-Peralta.
VCJ, known for some of the most iconic graphics in skateboarding history has just returned to Powell-Peralta . “I had been away from skate art for a long time in order to find some answers to personal questions. I am satisfied with what I have found. I am back in the game of skate art,” said VCJ reflecting on his return to skateboarding. In his early career, VCJ was the man behind the Ripper, Caballero Dragon, the Tony Hawk Hawk Skull, the Ray “Bones” Rodriguez Skull & Sword and the Mike McGill Skull & Snake graphics.

After some tinkering to the initial design, VCJ produced Jordan’s pro model graphic with a Pegasus theme of a winged horse “I see the symbol as a representation of the eternal soul and physical body.” Says VCJ, “I am the soul and my body is the horse that carries me through life. The logo behind the image represents those who love and support Jordan in respects to his giftedness, devotion and time in this form as Jordan Hoffart.”
“I’m stoked the way it panned out,” said Jordan reflecting on the experience, “It’s amazing. The whole process of sitting down and really getting to know VCJ was a blessing. The amount of energy, time and effort he put into making this graphic is unbelievable. I literally got a stack of 100+ sketches he did leading up to the finished drawing. I’m beyond stoked to have this opportunity given to me.” The levity of the first VCJ graphic since his return to skateboarding is heavy to Hoffart. “I just got it tattooed on my arm, so I get the significance of it. It’s a huge honor.”
Powell-Peralta’s commander in chief, George Powell, talked about the time and effort that went into the project. “Jordan’s new graphic is a gift of love from Court. We spent the kind of time on it we used to in the early 80s, months, until it was as good as we could make it, so it will last forever.” Powell hinted at the velocity of the creative hurricane stirred up at Powell-Peralta since VCJ’s return. “Working with Court is very different than it was 30 years ago, what used to be difficult is now easy, and Court’s depth of understanding of both the skater he is creating a graphic for, and the deep meaning of the graphic keep bubbling to the surface as the design evolves. We are having too much fun.”

The Hoffart Pegasus comes in two dimensions and is available in royal purple and blood red. The Hoffart Pegasus 1 is 8″ X 32.125″ with LIGAMENT™ technology, and the Hoffart Pegasus 2 is 8.5″ X 33.5″ both featuring a VCJ masterpiece of ride-able art on the highest quality skateboard decks available.
Be sure to check out Jordan putting his kicks to good use in his recent Theeve Trucks welcome video, and in The Bones Video “I’ve been filming for the video a grip,” Jordan explains, “I was fortunate enough to be injury-free for the majority of the time we filmed and I’m happy with the way it came out – I hope the kids is feelin’ it too! No one is going to expect a quality video like this from a wheel company, that’s for sure.”

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