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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rob Dyrdek Interview on the Huffington Post

Until now, If you were a true core skater, you would not take a look at the mainstream media websites to get your news about skateboarding.

But little by little, mainstream media outlets are starting to talk about us.

Take The Huffington Post: the website is read by millions of people who get there their primary source of information. The Huffington Post is well known for its political and economical based posts and they are covering everything else, from religion to media to soccer. Skateboarding is new for them, and thanks to Chris Greenberg who got an interview with Rob Dyrdek, skateboarding is officially gaining more power or losing more flavor, depending on how you look at it. That Dyrdek interview is actually a very big deal for skateboarding and I secretly wish I was Chris Greenberg… Gaining more coverage without losing core skateboarders has been the work of Rob Dyrdek since he first started The Street League two years ago… Did he get hate mail for doing this? Hell yeah, I’m sure he did… But Dyrdek seems to win where so many failed. Like he says in the interview: “A few years ago, the elite pros didn't go to contests. My whole argument was that it's not that they didn't want to go and be on the big stage, but the people who built the courses and make the contests don't really listen to the skaters and aren't really from the world. My whole thing is that all you've got to do is build it right and the best are going to come. The want the same shine. They want to have a stage but they don't like being mixed with a bunch of other sports. Skateboarders are very elitist. Our top street skater will make a million dollars a year and never go to a contest. So, we sort of broke the paradigm that you were other a contest or pure street skater. Now all the best contest skaters and all the best street skaters compete against each other. I killed that immediately in one year. For our industry, there is a core percentage that is just never going to like what you do, but for the most part that's not true. That's why I was able to go out and sign all these elite guys exclusively, even though they have multi-million dollar contracts with all these brands that expect to see them at all these different events. The reality of it is that this is the first time that someone from our world has created something for us. So it certainly makes a difference on how it is supported and how it is received, and it really feels like all of us doing it together”.

In order to realize his dreams of the Street League, Rob Dyrdek drew his inspiration from the Super Bowl and created a jewel championship event for professional skateboarders and, perhaps more importantly, for skateboarding fans. Whether you think Dyrdek is a sell-out or a genius, you can’t undone the astonishing success of the Street League into propelling skateboarding from its 50 year infancy into a full fledge mainstream sport capable of attracting millions of fans and viewers. Skateboarding is on a path to becoming as important as Football. Actually, one day skateboarding will be more important than Football. It’s so great and so scary at the same time to see skateboarding escaping our hands. But it’s like having a baby, when the baby grow up, they leave the nest, fly with their own wings and pave their own way.

Eventually, we should all be happy to see our baby fly by itself…

Read the rest of Dyrdek’s interview on The Huffington Post or watch the embedded interview.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, September 08, 2011 


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