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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Street League Continues Massive Growth as 2nd Year Comes to an End‏

A huge arena for skateboarding: Street League contest
When the Street League was launched a couple of years ago, the more hard-core skateboarders of the core industry cried foul… The vast majority just took the wait-and-see stance and some few skaters hailed this as the best idea since the urethane wheels. There it is, The Steet League is now the biggest skateboarding competition in the history of skateboarding.
The Street League DC Pro Tour Fueled by Monster Energy just completed its second year with resounding success, surpassing its previous year in all key measures. Bigger crowds, larger viewership, and unparalleled international media attention has proved that in just two short years, the league has solidified its position as the premier contest series for professional skateboarding worldwide. Millions of core skate participants and casual fans watched in awe as 16 year-old phenom Nyjah Huston edged out Street League stars Chris Cole and Ryan Sheckler to win the first three stops of the tour, only to be upset by Sean Malto in the Championship finale. Huston became the highest earning Street League pro and a household name in the process.

Sean Malto puts and end to Huston's streak to win the
title of 2011 Street League Champion,
$200,000, and Nixon Championship watch and ring
With significant expansion in every category of the property’s media platform, 2011 has marked the year that the league has become the clear category leader in professional competitive skateboarding. Live attendance for the league marked the highest paid ticket sales for a street skateboarding series, with nearly 50,000 fans coming out to the four-stop nationwide tour – more than 300 percent growth in year-over-year total attendance. Domestically, Street League demonstrated 40 percent growth with more than 2.5 million viewers tuned in to ESPN, ESPN2, and to watch 24 of the best skaters in the world battle it out for a $1.6 million dollar purse prize—the largest in skateboarding history. Abroad, millions more tuned in to the international league programming available in more than 198 countries via ESPN’s family of networks.

After coming off of an unprecedented three-peat in the league, all eyes were on Huston for the winner-takes-all Championship at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, which featured the largest single 1st place prize in skateboarding history at $200,000. Battling it out with the top 10 pros in the league, it was Sean Malto in the end who finally put an end to Huston’s winning streak and won the title of 2011 Street League Champion.

2011 saw Nyjah Huston’s unprecedented win streak of taking the top spot at the first three stops. This nollie inward heelflip on his final attempt in Kansas City clenched the second win in a row.

“The second year of Street League was amazing,” says creator Rob Dyrdek. “Not only did we witness the most incredible skateboarding but we saw the property turn the corner in both attendance, global viewership, and overall quality of the broadcasts,” Dyrdek continued. “This year’s format changes, improved course design, and the addition of the Championship finale all combined to make the most memorable skateboarding series ever.”

Representatives from the tour’s presenting sponsors DC and Monster Energy commented on the tour’s growth as well. “DC is very proud to be involved in such a revolutionary skateboarding competition," said DC’s VP of Marketing, Jeff Taylor. “Every year the skaters and talent get more and more impressive and remind us how far skateboarding has come.” Cody Dresser, Director of Action sports for Monster Energy, added, “Monster Energy is really impressed with the progress of the series in year two. We’ve had larger and more participatory crowds, excellent TV, and positive feedback from the pros and industry alike.

Not only were changes in format and course design embraced by fans, but 2011 also marked the year in which the popularity of Street League’s original content soared. The League’s YouTube page, which features over 150 videos of original branded content, has over 7.3 million video views in less than 15 months. With over 268,000 Facebook Fans and over 62,000 Twitter Followers, the burgeoning league has seen a major surge in its social media following as well. A powerful content partnership with industry-leading site brought an additional 5.5 million more views with over 45 additional web segments on the series. Traditional Media also turned even more eyes to the League with millions of media impressions from a variety of mainstream news outlets in print, TV, and radio. International distribution of the tour almost doubled in 2011 to 315 hours world-wide via ESPN’s family of networks. All told, global media impact of the property surpassed an unprecedented 1.2 billion impressions. For upcoming news and announcements please visit

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