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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Annika Vrklan: isTia interview with the Flying Bunny

Annika Vrklan the Flying Bunny. It that blood in the pool? Photo MRZ
Annika Vrklan: isTia.Tv   interview with the Flying Bunny

Annika Vrklan is a skateboarder, snowboarder, surfer, gymnast, soccer player, diver, swimmer, ballet dancer, Guiness Record holder and soon Nobel Peace Prize Candidate ... :)

This girl is the “Flying Bunny” of America and she does it all, at the ripe old age of 7. "I love to play with Barbie, I love my family, and I love to compete and learn something new every time I skate-snow-surf-tumble!" says Annika. Wasn’t Annika Vrklan, adorable on the Nate Berkus Show with her Tail Wags? How about when she appeared on National TV wearing her Pink Bunny helmet cover while Shaun White played with her ears? And don't forget the appearance on the Patrick Stump - "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" video.
But, don’t be fooled by the pink ears, Annika listens to Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, Red Hot Chili Peppers and All American Rejects, she got the X-Games 16 Guinness Book of World Records Holder for most Consecutive Backside 5-0's on the Disney XD ramp: 31 in 1 minute (during X Games 16 on August 1st, 2010)! OK, and if you think big “deal yeah”, just send me a video of you doing the same!!!!!! And, BTW, how many 6 year old skateboard girl with Guiness Book record do you know???

Annika is the new kind of skaters that are rocking the word: with others 7 year old like prodigies Asher Bradshaw, Kiko Francisco, and older teen brothers that have landed in the most closed 900 club: Tom Schaar, Mitchie Brusco, Eliot Sloan, Evan Doherty. She has that kind of attitude that shouts “the world is mine!” There shouldn't be anything Annika Vrklan could not achieve. But if she not careful, chances are her younger sister might win the next Vans contest instead of her… She is part of the kinda of family (The Hawks, The Miller, The Kindstrand, The Pineiro, ) were skateboard is done at family level and passed on from one generation to the next: her two older brother that skates also. Actually, when you ask her if she would like to compete against the guys in the future, she answers that: “Yes. I already do and I know I can hang”.

For now, watch for her results during the next Vans contest and look for her to compete in more competitions in 2012. isTia wishes Annika the best of luck To the Flying Bunny…

Anika Vrklan Photo Dan Sparagna
isTia.Tv: Hometown? Annika Vrklan: Carlsbad, CA

isTia.Tv: Age? Annika Vrklan: 7 years old

isTia.Tv: How were you introduced to skateboarding and what got you started? Annika Vrklan: My mom had boards around the house and we just started rolling around on them and losing them/breaking them until we got our 1st completes.

isTia.Tv: Years skating: Annika Vrklan: 3 years

isTia.Tv: Were there any early influences on your skating? Annika Vrklan: My brothers and skateboarders at our local parks.

isTia.Tv: How are your parents involved with skateboarding? Annika Vrklan: My mom grew up skateboarding and it was just natural for us to start skating. They are super supportive of all of us.
Annika Vrklan. BS 5-0. Photo Dan Sparagna.

isTia.Tv: How good are you at school? Annika Vrklan: I am a really good student, I love school, and I just got invited to the GATE program.

isTia.Tv: Are contests important for you? Annika Vrklan: Yes and No I love doing contests and being with my skate friends but if we have a family event that comes first. We are all involved in a lot of sports so we have to pick and choose what is most important.

isTia.Tv: How many contests have been in? Annika Vrklan: 100 + more than I can count since I was 4 years old.

isTia.Tv: Do you like contests? Annika Vrklan: Yes I get really fired up and I skate really fast and like to really pull off my tricks.

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isTia.Tv: Is it important to go to contests? Annika Vrklan: Yes, but it is very important to choose the contests that best suit me, my family, and my skating.

isTia.Tv: Your best contests ever? Annika Vrklan: My best contests are the ones I have the most fun at. I love King of the Groms, Supergirl, Cal State Games (CASL), State Games of America 2011, Vans Girls Combi, AGSJ at Vans Warped tour. My first year in Ultimate Boarder was EPIC.

isTia.Tv: Your worst contests ever? Annika Vrklan: There were a few times early on in competing in street where my board just didn’t want to stay under my feet.

isTia.Tv: Best contest memory? Annika Vrklan: My most exciting skateboarding memory was not a contest but a vert demo at The DEW Tour in Salt Lake City last year..I got to hang out with some grom friends, hang in the athlete lounge, and have an AMAZING time.

isTia.Tv: Worst contest memory? Annika Vrklan: HMMMMM….

isTia.Tv: Do you surf? Snowboard? Other sports? Annika Vrklan: Yes, I surf..I also snowboard and will do USASA this year hopefully spend A LOT of time in the pipe. I am a gymnast/tumbler, I think I love every sport I try…

Anika Vrklan with the Guiness Book Certificate. How many 7 years old skater girls do you know with
a Guiness Book Certificate?
isTia.Tv: Do you have Sponsors? Annika Vrklan: I have “flow” sponsors that are so AWESOME!

Waiting for the Sesh at Vans skatepark in Orange. Photo X. Lannes
isTia.Tv: Let' talk more about your sponsors, what they do for you, what can they do more, are they supportive and how do they support you? Annika Vrklan: That’s a pretty complicated question, so I’ll have my Mom answer that From Mom: Annika’s sponsors are very supportive with product and encouragement of her skating abilities. We have been blessed by a few who have also supported travel/contest fees in a few instances. We keep them up-to-date with contest results and fun interviews she does, or tv shows, music videos, or other press. We are humbled by the support we receive for Annika and all my kids. At this point it is the most important thing for my kids to be kids. All of the companies that support us share the stoke we have as a family and those ideals. Annika has met her sponsors along the way, some at contests, some via photos and videos, and interviews along her incredible few years in skateboarding. We look forward to Annika growing with all of her current sponsors…Back to Annika

isTia.Tv: Do you feel you have fewer sponsors because you are a girl? Annika Vrklan:

isTia.Tv: Do you feel that if you were a boy, you would have more sponsors? Annika Vrklan: NO!

isTia.Tv: Or is it the contrary? Annika Vrklan: I feel that I have my current sponsors not because I am a girl but because of how I
Anika Vrklan Photo Dan Sparagna
skate (boy or girl) and the fun I have. I also love to volunteer and help out in booths and do demos for causes that are important to me and my family.
isTia.Tv: Who are your favorite old school skaters? Annika Vrklan: Most are old school..I am only 7..but I would have to say Jay Adams, Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Andy Mac, and of course CaraBeth.

isTia.Tv: What’s the most difficult trick you have done? Annika Vrklan: Full Caballerial air (fakie 360 air).

isTia.Tv: What is your favorite surface to skate? Annika Vrklan: I like to skate EVERYTHING! Asphalt can be a little harsh, especially downhilling.

isTia.Tv: Do you wear pads and helmets in a pool/skatepark/bowl? Annika Vrklan: YES..Why would you even ask that??!! I need to protect myself ALWAYS!

isTia.Tv: Who do you like to skate with? Annika Vrklan: My brothers and little sister, my friends… I like a good bowl session as well as a jamming vert session.

Big sis and little sis. Photo Heidi Lemmon
isTia.Tv: Are there skaters that are so impressive that you just stop and watch them? Annika Vrklan: YEAH I really like to watch
really strong street skaters..because I am working on more flip tricks and it inspires me.

isTia.Tv: How long do you spend skating every day? Annika Vrklan: I don’t skate every day because I do so many other activities/sports..I do skate a little more before an important contest or demo.

isTia.Tv: Do you have a special diet? Annika Vrklan: I eat pretty healthy most of the time with smoothies, veggies, chicken, etc..BUT I do like French fries, pizza, and ice cream but who doesn’t!!

isTia.Tv: Do you have to be a tomboy to be a girl skater? Annika Vrklan: No just do what you want to do…I think my dancing and tumbling help me be a better and really stylie skater.

Vans contest. yes, she landed #1. Photo X. Lannes
isTia.Tv: Who are your 3 favorite girl skater of ALL times? Annika Vrklan: Lyn-Z Adams, CaraBeth Burnside, and Mimi Knoop…I love to skate with Allysha..

isTia.Tv: Have you suffered any injuries in skate? What was the worst injury? Annika Vrklan:
Knock on Wood…a few fat lips at Woodward. My fat lips I got at two different King of the Groms comps…I just skated anyway... Some good slams here and there, and some bruises…SAFETY GEAR!! Something that we miss? Annika Vrklan: No you did a good job..but I gotta run out and play in the park with my friends SEE YA!!!! Shout out and thanks? Annika Vrklan: Hoopla Skateboards, Les Ettes Cosmetics, All Girl Skate Jam, Tail-Wags Helmet Covers, Little Ruler, RockStarGirls Bearings, GromBomb healthy rehydration! And everyone who supports skateboarding (boys and girls) and your local skateshop! Shout out to for all you do (in loving memory of annika’s grammy).

Thanks to Heidi Lemmon, MRZ and Dan Sparagna for the pictures. All pictures used with permission.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, October 30, 2011 

Blogger Cindy Whitehead said...

Absolutely love Annika, her sister and her whole family. GREAT article on this little shredder! xo

October 31, 2011 at 7:42 AM  
Anonymous Karyn Climans said...

Thank you so much for sharing this incredible post. With your permission, I will send it to the Canadian media with the hopes they will run with the story.

October 31, 2011 at 10:50 AM  
Blogger Xavier Lannes said...

Hi Karyn: Sure, send it to Canada. Annika is really amazing...

October 31, 2011 at 11:03 AM  
Anonymous Patty All Girl Skate Jam said...

Annika and her entire family are phenomenal. I think it is so important for young girls to have role models like Annika and Klara out there skating hard and loving what they do. isTia.Tv you rawk!

October 31, 2011 at 1:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annika you are amazing!!!

October 31, 2011 at 3:35 PM  

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