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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Asher Bradshaw's Story

Asher Bradshaw at Venice, captured by Ray Rae in September 2011.
Asher Bradshaw will get his first movie, with a little help from his friends…

A couple of weeks ago, I received this email from Kathy Herndl: “ My name is Kathy Herndl and I am the director on a feature documentary about the amazing little skateboard Prodigy Asher Bradshaw, who you did a story a while back. I am writing to you in need of some support for our project. I have been shooting with Asher and his family for over a year now, and have over 130 hours of the most amazing footage. I am set to launch my site on to raise the completion funding for the movie and have just finished putting a press release together. I was wondering whether there was any chance you would like to get involved and put the press release on your website for us? We need as much exposure and support as we can get so that we can finish this movie and get it out to the international film festivals. We are set to launch the kickstarter site along with our own site in approximately two weeks and would love to get the buzz going as soon as possible. We have also put together a short teaser for the site which I could send to you if you would like to know a little more about the project and Asher's story. I would really appreciate if you could help us spread the word.”

Well, that is a done deal now. has been the very first to recognize the talent of Asher Bradshaw. I used to skate with him at Belvedere in September 2009, when he barely had 6 months of skateboard in his legs and that was before he switched to Venice Skatepark and entered the infamous Venice contest, his very first contest… In April 2010, I decided to make Asher’s interview. His board was bigger than him at the time… In November 2010 a video was posted on the internet and Asher was an internet sensation in a matter of days, gaining to date over 1.6 million hits.

Kathy Herndl followed the inevitable buzz that stemmed from the video and started to see things change for Asher. The journey has been tough, with many obstacles along the way. But After over a year of filming, 140 hours of footage, 25 competitions, 2 New York photo shoots, and 5 television appearances, and many many smiles and tears along the way; we've had an all access pass into Asher's life on the road to discovery.
The film's working title is “The Story of Asher Bradshaw” and all that is left is post-production work and promotional efforts. Kathy is seeking $100,000 in funding through the Kickstarter website. They have until November 27, 2011, to raise the funds.
Support Asher’s film now and become a part of his incredible story.

Picture of Asher Bradshaw courtsey of Ray Rae,. Visit Ray Rae website for more pictures of Asher...

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