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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The birth of two new skateboard magazines

New Mag, New Style: Josh Kalis, Noseblunt, courthouse NYC inside "43 Skateboard Mag"
In praise of skateboarder magazines

In November 2011, two new skateboarding magazines will be launched with a similar concept: Quality, photography and arts. But that’s not the only thing those two have in common: both magazines have used to raise money and both are using Facebook for the launch…

At a time when skateboarding participation worldwide is plunging and the skateboard community has lost more than 30% of its members in less than 3 years; the birth of both magazines is raising eyebrows in the industry… If two brand new magazines are being created, does that mean that there is a void in skateboarding publication being filled and that the current magazines (SkateBoarder, Thrasher, The Skateboard Journal, Concrete Wave, Transworld, etc…) are not doing a good job and that there is a unfulfilled demand? The launch of two new magazines is also making people ask how those two will financially survive as not only the advertising pie is being reduced everyday with brands slashing entire department? In this shrinking market, is there gonna be enough money in the skateboard industry to support 8 big skateboard magazines? Are there enough skateboard stories worldwide to cover each month the pages of 8 skateboard magazines? Are the magazines strong enough to compete against the hundreds of skateboard blogs available across the web, let alone the ubiquitous and immediate youtube and the new skateboard clips on-demand channel created by Google in association with Tony Hawk? Are people still reading anyway? Or are they just watching clips on the net (take a look at that switched from 100% text to 50% text + 50% pix and eventually 100% clips in the past 2 months)? Is the fact that both magazines need a lift from Kickstarter and Facebook (on-line publishing) show that a paper trail concept of a skateboarder magazine is flawed and dead on arrival? Are bloggers covering skateboarding stories that are not reported in the magazines, ultyimately undermining the authenticity of the mags?

Well, that’s definitely a lot of uncertainties for a businessman and the return on the investment is quite risky…

skateboard news, TSJ. The Skateboarder’s Journal, 43 skateboard mag
43 Skateboard magazine
But whatever Business Models those 2 new magazines are running after, we need to salute them with kudos! All the great skateboard magazines (including all of the above) were created by a DIY mentality of skateboarder to cover a void. Thrasher was created 30 years ago as a fanzine by core skateboarders to fill the void left by the demise of SkateBoarder... Transworld was created to countervail the punk-rock skate-and-destroy attitude of Thrasher and insufflated a certain quality and mellowness in the skateboard world and both Thrasher and Transworld existed like the ying and the yang for 20+ years until new magazines like The Skateboard Journal, Concrete Wave and SkateBoarder were born (and reborn) with the goal of insufflating a “new quality” in the skateboard world or filling a new void (longboarding for example). Thrasher still being Thrasher covering hard core skateboarding, all other magazines are running after the quality as their motto. Frankly, it’s not a complain: more competition means more quality, whatever your definition of quality is…
True, some people are fed-up with a porn-like flurry of ads, boards, semi naked babes, business cross pollenization and false beautification that many skaters find intoxicating in some current magazines. If you happen to be one of them, then, you should take a look at those two new magazines available in store next week.

The first of those two magazines is called 43 and the premiere was set to take place yesterday at Recess located on 41 Grand Street and West Broadway in Manhattan. 43, the brain child of skate photographer Allen Yingand is meant to be different than any other skate magazine on the market because it will be free to anyone who wants it. You can either pick up a copy at your local pro shop or request a copy by contacting Ying. What makes it stand out from the other magazines is Ying's attention to detail, quality and passion for the art behind the sport.

skateboard news, TSJ. The Skateboarder’s Journal, 43 skateboard mag
The Skateboarder's Journal #1 issue
Some collaborators of the mag are Eric Antoine, who once did work for a skate magazine based in Switzerland as well Etnies, Element Skateboards and Volcom Clothing. Another is Brendan Nicholas Klein whose no-holds-barred photos of the damage skaters do to their bodies are enough to make a parent wince and one's homies dole out the high fives. When he is not documenting a skater's injuries or tats, his work can be rather ethereal and visually compelling. Brain Gaberman's work is also slated to be part of the exhibit. Other artists include Hendrik Herzmann and Marcel Veldman. Read more about 43 at ABD

43 is free for the US customer, but the rates for int'l shipping are as follows:
- canada - add $4 for 1 issue, add $19 for subscription
- mexico - add $8 for 1 issue, add $39 for subscription
- beyond north america - add $11 for 1 issue, add $52 for subscription

The second magazine is called The Skateboarder's Journal and Jack Smith, the founder, is describing the content as in-depth articles about skateboarding topics that receive little attention in mainstream magazines: street, vert, longboard, racing, freestyle and just plain old skating. Approaches that were considered “alternative” for the last twenty years – such as longboarding, slalom, downhill, all-purpose cruising, and flatland freestyle – are now more readily accepted. TSJ will treat all of these time-honored aspects of skateboarding with the respect they deserve and with few ads.

The Skateboarder’s Journal will delve into all dimensions of skateboarding – photography from the world’s best skate photographers, culture, history, art, travel, technology and the future and It will be presented in a clean, classic format that focuses the attention on what’s important, not on indulgent graphic design.
In the Premiere Issue, The Skateboarder’s Journal has gathered not only some of the best writers and photographers (Mackenzie Eisenhour, Ben Marcus, Jim Goodrich, Ozzie Ausband) but also some of the best known skateboarders of all times that left their boards to a pen: Stacy peralta, Jonathan Colberg, Steve Caballero and Abby Zsarnay….

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