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Friday, October 7, 2011

David Hackett needs help

Thrasher 10-1988 Cover: David Hackett – Frontside Grind Photo: Katz.
Pool sharks and gnarly skate injuries
David Hackett recently had emergency colon cancer surgery, which saved his life and left him with $100,000.00 hospital bill due to lapsed insurance. Skull Skates helped to kick things off by setting up a website where you should go to donate funds in order to helping cover his medical costs. Many have felt and appreciated Hackman’s numbered and notable contributions to skateboarding. Helping Hackett would be a great way to show we care and you can do just that by contributing donations of any amount directly to Hackett’s Paypal.
David Hackett is one of the original Old School Skaters and O.G. Malibu local that stuck to his roots and to this day believes that skaters should skate with random abandonment, style and should be aware of the roots of skateboarding, they should be aware of the fun of a good ditch, backyard pool, downhill runs and ramps. David Hackett has been a pivotal part of the sixties through contemporary surf skate movement maintaining a somewhat calculated underground profile. Popping up at spots and throwing down with authority, throughout the last five decades, adding fuel to the legendary Hackett fire.
Hackett's illustrious, pro skateboarding career started in the 1970s and continued well into the new millennium. He took home top honors at several skate events over the years including the 1975 Hang Ten World Championships and the 1978 U.S. Open Men's Bowl Riding Competition. In addition, he was known for the Hackett Slash, completing crazy stunts and founding the Skateboard Racers Association. "Hack" is a huge believer in the ‘Quiver Theory’ –meaning he feels that every skateboarder should have at least 3–5 fully set up boards ready for any style of riding that one may encounter. All of Hacks’ decks are set up with Khiro risers and bushings, as well as the new Khiro Hardcore Hardware. Hack rides the Med. Hard Yellow Bushings on his vert deck, his racing set up is top secret.
Hackett also successfully skating the notorious Loop of Death when he was in his mid 40s.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Friday, October 07, 2011 


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