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Monday, October 3, 2011

Elliot Sloan spins a 900 tailgrab

Elliot Sloan just landed a 900 tailgrab in South Africa October 2nd at Maloof
Elliot Sloan is a stylish vert skater with East Coast roots. Born and raised in New York City, Elliot was quickly drawn to street skating then the vert ramp at a nearby skatepark. Elliot progressed very rapidly in the amateur circuit, and turned pro by the age of 18 (2007). Elliot Sloan is definitely the new blood on the ramp and mega ramp. He is the future for all major events. Elliot Sloan joined skateboarding's elite 900 club over the weekend, when he nailed the second-ever 900 tailgrab on the mini-megaramp at the Maloof Money Cup in Kimberly, South Africa.

Last June 20, 2011, Monster Energy's Alex Perelson may have just immortalized his name into the pages of skateboarding history. He was already the youngest in an elite group of humans who have landed a 900 degree rotation on a skateboard. Tony Hawk, Giorgio Zattoni, Sandro Dias, and Bob Burnquist are some pretty impressive company. The trick entails a 900-degree spin ( 2-1/2 rotations) and a one-handed tail-grab during the spin. Sloan easily won the best-trick competition and became only the seventh skateboarder ever to land a 900.

Tony Hawk was first, at the 1999 X Games, when he stuck a 900 on his 11th attempt on a traditional U-shaped vert ramp. Bob Burnquist last summer became the first to land a 900 on a full-scale megaramp.

Others to have landed a 900 (minus the tail-grab) are Georgio Zatoni, Sandro Dias, Alex Perelson and Mitchie Brusco.

The megaramp and mini-mega-ramp feature steep roll-ins and a jump ultimately leading to a quarterpipe wall. Tricks are performed above the wall.

Burnquist, Tweeting on Sloan's feat: "Radicalness at its finest. Congrats Elliot!"

Watch the video on isTia.Tv

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