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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Georgia Bowlriders 2011 Results

After Skating for a while, Keith hung up on a madonna and hit his head.
He was sent to the hospital but was shortly released. Good Luck Keith!
Photo Cassidy Ramos.
Georgia Bowlriders 2011 Results

Shredding was there on October 22 in Columbus, GA and on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at Brook Run Skatepark, Dunwoody, GA

The Georgia Bowlriders Championship presented by Vitaminwater is back for its fourth year of grass roots skateboading at its finest. Columbus, GA on Saturday and Atlanta, GA (Brook Run Skatepark) on Sunday.

This year Georgia Bowlriders expected as many as 100 skaters of all ages from across the country. Two days and two parks on some of the best concrete anywhere. Entry fees were $60 for one day and $100 for both. During the contest on Sunday, Keith fall and hit his head, but eventually he was OK. We talked with Cassidy Ramos who was the first one by Keith side after he fell and this is what she had to say: "Well he was in the pro division in the ordered jam. Got a few tricks in and kinda hung up on a Madonna. He fell almost but not all the way to flat his his shoulder first then his head. It took him a little to start responding but my dad and some other guys got him talking while they waited on the ambulance. When I picked him and his mom up they said the doctor said it was a minor concussion if that. They gave him some nausea medicine. Other than that he was ok. He hangout with us and we went to dinner. Complained about headaches and rib pains. But he's doing good."

Keith Baldassare gave isTia.Tv an interview a couple of weeks ago. Follow the link if you want to read Keith Baldassare's interview.

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Brook Run Skatepark, Dunwoody, GA

Georgia Bowlriders Championship
Saturday, October 22, 2011
Jonathan Hatcher Skatepark, Columbus, GA
Georgia Bowlriders Championship
Sunday, October 23, 2011
Brook Run Skatepark, Dunwoody, GA

Keith Baldassare won the thing on Saturday October 22 at Jonathan Hatcher Skatepark, Columbus.

Columbus Pro Results
1. Keith Baldassare
2. Steven Steven Piñeiro
3. Jimmy The Greek

Columbus Masters Results
1. Dave Allen
2. Lenny Byrd
3. Marg Mark Eddings

Columbus Grom Results
1. Mathew Despres
2. Jacob Wooten
3. Jack Winburn

Brook Run Pro Results
1. Steven Pineiro

Brook Run Grom Results
1. Jacob Wooten
2. Nick Wallace
3. Miles McKinney
4. Jack Winburn
5. Matthew Despres
6. Joseph Whitney

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