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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Skateboarding becomes the official sport of South Africa

The Maloof Money Cup in South Africa went down over the weekend with Tommy Fynn taking second just behind
 Ishod Wair. Fynn will take home $40,000 for the days work. Ryan Decenzo took the bronze. During the Mega-Mini best
 trick section of the comp, Elliot Sloan pulled the first ever 900 tailgrab (see video on isTia.Tv) -
it was his first 900 as well.
 Have you ever heard that skateboarding had ever been adopted as the official sport of a country? Well, if you think life as a skateboarder is only running from cops, you should read this:

As the Northern Cape Provincial Government collective, we are indeed pleased to express our sincere gratitude to all the people of the Northern Cape, volunteers, business people, government officials, visitors (USA and Nationally) and skateboarding enthusiasts for their overwhelming support during the three day (30 September - 2 October 2011) Maloof Money Cup extravaganza. With your steadfast support, the event proved to be indeed a resounding success.

We also wish to take this opportunity to thank the Maloof family for the confidence that they have shown in us to host this prestigious event.

It was an incredible breath-taking occasion which has thrilled the local people, both young and old. The province was entertained and was held spell-bound by the world's best professionals in the sport of skateboarding.

It took two years of hard work and negotiations to bring this event to our country and province and it did not disappoint. The Northern Cape Provincial Government decided to embrace skateboarding as an official sport and to this end secured the rights to host the Maloof Money Cup, the world's richest skateboarding championship, with a total price purse of R3.75 million for the 2011 event.

Consequently, we have one of the best skate parks in the world and this will be rolled out to all the districts in the province. The benefits of the skate parks will be accessible to all our communities and will contribute to healthy and active lifestyles for our young people.

Moreover we congratulate all the winners of the respective categories and wish them good fortune for future events.

To the people of the Northern Cape, thank you once more for extending your warmth and hospitality to all our visitors during the skateboarding championships.

As we have secured a three year deal to host the Maloof Money Cup, we expect the 2012 and 2013 championships to be bigger and better.

Well done to the people of the Northern Cape.

Issued by: Northern Cape Office of the Premier

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