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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Eastwood skatepark destroyed

Eastwood skatepark torn down

According to Keith Baldassare, the Eastwood Skate Park located at 290 GUS Hipp Blvd in Rockledge (Brevard) was destroyed today (Tuesday November 15th).

It was 11pm on Tuesday night when we heard about the news, but we immediately messaged Keith and even if it was already 1:00am in Florida, he told us that: “I know, the bowl is being torn down and it wasn't open today. I'm like 99 percent sure the whole park is, but not completely. im going to go see tomorrow.”

Here is the rest of the talks with Keith...

isTia.Tv You said it's been dead for a year, meaning nobody was going there?? Keith:“Yeah! The whole skate scene in this county is pretty dead” Bowl was wood or crete? Keith: Wood but it was super sick plain and simple but fun. The only places it’s decent is Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and down near Miami.
Keith Baldassare DIY Spot, Tampa.
Hurricane, 2011. Photo Nick Nicks
isTia.Tv: Where you going there often? Keith: Yeah i went there like 4 days and cocoa beach park like 3 days in the week.. My house as the warm up sesh. But well, hey man im going to sleep, its late here. I'll talk to ya later
Thanks Keith.

Eastwood Skate Park was skater owned and operated. Owner Chris Chambers has made a name for himself as a professional skater,as the owner of the Eastwood Board Supply Company, and now as the man behind the magic that IS Eastwood Skate Park. Here is a little info about the "Wood" for you to chew on and swallow. The Eastwood Skate park burst onto the central Florida skate scene in November of 2008 with more of a whimper than a wham, perhaps it was saving itself for the real coming out party in January. On January 24th, 2009 Zorlac Skateboards teamed up with Chris Chambers, owner and founder of Eastwood Skate Park in Rockledge, FL to put on the first contest the park had hosted since its birth just 2 months earlier.

This is a nice tribute on Facebook from Stephen Leger that says it all:
"Eastwood skatepark IS NO LONGER come down to gus hipp tomorrow and contribute in some way it doesnt matter buy a coke or a board its all greatly was the third year anniversary of this wonderful skatepark it has frustrated us, provided a safe haven at times of trouble, help us vent, broke our bones, and made us skateboarders the happiest weve ever been Chris has been the coolest and he deserves a little contribution for what he has given is our home away from home and im very happy to have had grown as a skateboarder and a person st the place..without eastwood i wouldnt be a skunk..i was initiated 3 years ago on haloween and that was one of the happiest days of my life and well...thank you EASTWOOD SKATEPARK and Chris"

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, November 15, 2011 


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