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Monday, November 14, 2011

Free tips to start a good skateboarding blog

Grant Taylor with Van at Kalamazoo City. Photo ILovesk8.Com
How to start a skateboarding blog

Let’s face it: there are not enough skateboarding blogs out there: only a couple of thousands when the skateboarding population worldwide is estimated at 30 million skaters, so that makes only a rough estimate of one blog per 15,000 skaters. Hmmm. OK, let’s look at it differently, each the biggest skateboarding websites (,,,,, attract about 30 million skateboarders every month. Meaning that each month, one skateboarder reads only 5 or 6 different skateboarding websites. That is nothing; given the amount of news the skate industry is generating everyday…

How do you start a skateboarding blog?

1 - Have a plan
So, starting a skateboarding website is a great idea, there is a lot of possibility that your blog will end up with a couple of million viewers per month and that you will trade those million hits with google ad-sense for a lot of green-backs every day.

Writing a skateboard blog is just plainly awesome: you skate all day, you take pictures (or best, videos) of your pals, you post them the same night on your blog and the next day, each post yields 10,0000 visitors… Wow…

2 - Find a good name
So what name should you pick up? Don’t start complaining that all the good names are already taken because that is not true. The best names are still for grabs and that’s amazing that someone has not yet started a website called,,,,,,,,, or (this one is my favorite –actually).

3 - Select your platform
Once you picked up the name, just go to Blogger or Wordpress. Ning is annoying because it’s not free (every penny count when you are a businessman, and they won’t let you change their column size –which everybody knows that changing the column size is what makes the difference between a good skateboarding blog and an excellent skateboarding blog). Blogger and Wordpress have skateboarding templates embedded that you can use for your pages. It’s already there with the logo of a skater doing a kick-turn on a mini ramp or an ollie on a 4 stairs. It’s very simple and really takes 5mn to set-up. Of course, if you want something different from the others, you would just have to hire a web consultant at $100 an hour, but that’s small change compared to the amount of money you’ll do afterwards when skaters like Grant Taylor, Leo Romero, Colin Provost, Tony Trujillo, Sean Malto and Nyjah Huston will relay your splendid posts on Twitter.

4 Add relevant content
Then, there’s the content issue. As I said before, you should have awesome features, like your friend Billy doing a tail-grab or Brother Jamie spinning 900 all day long. But even if showing all your friends spinning 900’s everyday is a good idea, after a while, people are like… Been there done that… You know… So, that’s when your creativity comes. You just go to other competitor’s website and borrow their vids, pix or ideas and make them yours. After all, creationism and unfettered competition is a thing that we all believe in here.

So, starting a good skateboarding blog is as easy as one, two, free:
- One: get a good selling name like
- Two: go to Blogger and chose the skate template option
- Free: start blogging by taking free stuff from other websites - I mean by taking pics and vids of your friends and post them on your blog...

Et voila…

I am a skater dad and although I know nothing about skateboarding, my kids skate on the street in front of my house, I am following them and that makes me a skateboarding geek. In addition, I have a degree in painting.

P.S. Be careful with things that go beyond what meets the eye…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, November 14, 2011 


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