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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hara Kiri

Hey, I’m killing the video part of isTia.Tv…

You may be wondering, “WTF, there was a video part?”. Yeah, I know what you mean and that’s exactly why I am killing it, because nobody was visiting that video section and nobody knew about it. Seems like this video section was DOA anyway even though It seemed like a good idea: I had created a place dedicated only to skateboarding videos, a place completely interactive where people could upload their own pictures, videos, texts, blogs, contests results or notice, comments, news, thoughts… There was a giant forum and a social platform… They’re all dead. I had spent most of my time in August and September trying to built an expensive (yes, extensive too) part of the website. I had changed the “url” to a “TV” extension (for television, duh…). I had expected 3,000 members after 2 months, I’m not gonna say how many signed but it’s abysmal… So, not only did it not work; but because all the energy was focused on the video section, the blog got shortchanged, very little news and features were posted and the blog section roughly lost 70% of its viewership in 2 months and a half, from 15,000 readers a month to peanuts. What a drag! Viewership that I’m trying to regain now, one by one, one reader at a time. But what was lost in 2 months will not be back in a couple of week, for sure. Why did it not work? Not sure at all, except that isTia.Tv was definitely not offering what people were expecting and that the competition from Facebook is too intense, plus too many people have started videos website ultimately. That’s both a distraction and an intense competition… Since the skateboard market toppled several years ago, the pie has constantly been shrinking and the players are more numerous. Let alone that genuine skateboard blogs are under attack now that any skateboard mom is getting worldwide coverage by posting on powerful Yahoo. Don’t get fooled by those false skateboard gurus: legitimacy is still something that should drive skateboarding, or we are all doomed. It’s like… You don’t go buy your skate stuff at J.C. Penny (home of Ryan Sheckler, ZooYork,) Target (home of Shawn White) or Kohls and Wal*Mart (home of Tony Hawk)… So why would you go to Yahoo for your skateboard news? You are not legit because your kids skate once a month on the sidewalk in front of your house. Skateboarding is killing us by going mainstream. I have pay the video platform rent until November 30, so isTia.Tv will stay put until then. After that, we will dump the expensive video framework, switch to another, more classical, format and isTia.Tv will focus on its core competency: blogging original legit content and not broadcasting other’s work. Original content has proven yielding success in the past and we’ll just stick to it.

BTW, if you’re a new reader, and you like us, click the FB Like button below, that’s the only way the little players can compete against the behemoth like Yahoo, Google or YouTube… Thanks guys!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, November 22, 2011 


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