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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello Skater Girl is coming to fruition

Allysha Bergado photographed by Julian Bleecker
Hello Skater Girl is coming to fruition

Like many, I discovered the pictures of Julian Bleecker on Facebook. That was probably two years ago, around January 2010. From the start, I could see that Julian’s pictures were different from the others and it really got my attention. On July 2010, Julian sent me this eponymous email: “Hey, so —I've been accumulating tons of skate photos —mostly pool & vert. I just did the X Games. Most of my stuff is on Flickr and I'm looking for more outlets. I'm not a professional photographer as in — I don't make a living taking photographs, I just do it as an over-committed enthusiast. So — I'm offering content for your blog, mostly because I'm enthusiastic about the sport and the photography is about as close as I can get to it cause I don't skate. If you're interested..if you are, ping me and we can chat. I'm thinking about covering Coastal Carnage and Maloof coming up here.
The email strings that started all 
At the time, the Maloof and the Coastal Carnage were held on the same week-end and I could not go to both of them at the same time. So I decided to go to Maloof and Julian went to Coastal Carnage where he shot some of the most magnificent skateboard pictures I have seen in a very long time. I was stoked and my coverage and post of the Coastal Carnage was more about all his pictures than the coverage itself…
So, we started to work together and exchanged pictures. I was doing the coverage and he was doing the pictures. Everytime I needed a picture I asked him and he provided me with constant regularity and awesome job.

Amelia Brodka photography by Julian Bleecker
Then, in January 2011, he emailed me greetings for the New Year with another milestone email: “isTia is looking fantastic! Nicely done. I think I'll focus on a project this year — photographing way more girl skaters, perhaps a book project.
What's on your list of goals for 2011?

That was it. That was one of the best email of the year: you announce what you will do and you do what you said.

From this day on, I have watched Julian starting to bond with a lot of people, with Amelia Brodka, with Lizzie and Allysha and with all the other bowl rider girls of Southern California. Then, he started to cover all major skate contests and travel out of the State and went to Florida, then Hawaii, then United Kingdom then Europe and every time he would go some place he would made bonds with the skate community and bring back jewels. His pictures of the girls in Hawaii are probably the best skate pictures ever done on the island. They have depth, they are vibrant, they beautify the girls by blurring the surroundings, they tell a story and they show styled skateboarding moves.

Julian knows how to play with a camera. He knows how lightening and image structure can enhance skateboarding tricks and I’m sure that if he does not know the technique, he just read a couple of books and instantly becomes a photo geek.

Eventually, he started a website, helloskatergirl, then another one hellosmithgrind then another one and now this yearlong book project is coming to fruition.

He just started a Kickstarter project to fund his book and edited one magnificent skate video based on his pictures.

So I invite you to discover the works of Julian Bleecker on helloskatergirl, visit and commit to Kickstarter and watch the promo video.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, November 10, 2011 


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