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Monday, November 21, 2011

JT Aultz swiftly recovering from skate accident in Las Vegas

JT Aultz swiftly recovering from skate accident in Las Vegas, skateboarding news
Pro skater JT Aultz recovering swiftly from skate accident in Las Vegas

Odds looks better for JT Aultz, who was been critically injured while skateboarding on November 17, 2011. It appears that JT Aultz sustained a skull fracture after falling on a double kicked rail and that led to a Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). He was immediately air-lifted and was induced into a Medically Induced Coma at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Medically induced comas are often used in cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) to non-surgically reduce swelling, conserve metabolic energy, protect brain tissue, monitor for internal bleeding, especially on the brain, and give the patient's brain time to heal organically. According to the latest updates, Aultz’s swelling has now reduced and the doctors have removed his neck-brace. He has also been taken off the ventilator and breathing on his own now. The rate at which JT Aultz is recovering has convinced the doctors that he will be ready for release from the hospital soon.

Aultz has earned a lot of respect in the skateboarding community. He is a California native and is based in San Diego. Having skated at high level for over 10 years, he has Real Skateboards and Osiris among his list of sponsors. He has appeared in countless skate magazine and multiple skate videos including Lost Days, Real Since Day One, Throwaways and Lost Days. His early contest history includes participation in the Tampa AM, the Damn Am Ollie House and the Vans Downtown Showdown Foundation Big Board. Aultz is also a seasoned traveler, having spent time skating in both North and South America. He is married and has a young daughter.

According to the latest news, he is now on a path of swift recovery from the critical injury. We will continue to update you as the story develops.

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