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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tim Pool: skateboarder and architect of the Occupy Wall Street's Live Stream

Tim Pool: with a name like this you ought to be skateboarding! And that’s exactly what Tim Pool is doing: skateboarding at empty warehouses in Chicago. That is, until he moved to New York and started his live stream of the Occupy Wall Street.

A couple of months ago, Tim Pool was making skateboarding instructional videos before joining OWS. Now, Tim Pool just become world famous: he is capturing much of the early morning raid and diaspora from Occupy Wall Street's Manhattan encampment, staying on and webcasting for most of the 20 hours straight he spent covering the event.  His video stream drew more than 20,000 simultaneous viewers and 250,000 unique visitors throughout the course of the day. It was also rebroadcast by Al Jazeera English and other outlets. Pool stayed mostly on for 12-and-a-half hours during the string of protests on Nov. 17 and drew 737,000 unique viewers.

Pool and his partner Henry Ferry are doing more with $500 Samsung Galaxy S II phones on Sprint's 4G Network than TV networks can muster with thousands of dollars of gear, satellite trucks, pretty anchors, and helicopters. CBS News's UStream, for example, offers an unfiltered feed from its eye in the sky. But the CBS feed has often felt like a mere complement to Pool's on-the-ground coverage. (Plus, Pool and Ferry hope to get flying video drones that would augment their coverage--read on).

That makes us proud that a skateboarder is keeping the world connected... Read on fast Company the rest of Tim Pool's Skateboarder and Live Stream architect...

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, November 21, 2011 


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