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Monday, November 14, 2011

Tom Schaar Lands several 900

Tom Schaar Lands several 900

Twelve year old Tom Schaar from Malibu, landed several 900 over this weekend (November 11th through the 13th ) at Bob Burnquist's Dreamland MegaRamp Invitational" (Bob Burnquist’s private residence)…
Tom Schaar, Trey Wood and the Eaton brothers (Jagger and Jett), who are 10 and 13, respectively were skating at Bob Burnquits’s the invitational's Kinder Kontest. Those four groms represents a new generation of fast-tracking MegaRamp progression. Just give them a few more years to beef up a bit, fine tune their aerial awareness and study the moves of the masters.

Back in October 2011 at Woodward West, Tom Schaar became the world's seventh (and the youngest) skater to land a 900. Over the weekend at Burnquist's compound, Schaar landed a 900 during practice on Friday but could not repeat the action on Saturday because of the rain that poured with heavy afternoon storm. But the small crowd got a show nonetheless when Burnquist duct taped a skateboard to the bottom of a surfboard, put on some foul-weather gear, climbed to the deck of the Mega's 26-foot-tall quarterpipe, and rolled in, hydroplaning across the flooded flat bottom.

Also present at Bob Burnquist's Dreamland MegaRamp Invitational">Bob Burnquist's Dreamland MegaRamp Invitational were two other 900 whizz-kids: Elliot Sloan and Alex Perelson. Elliot Sloan landed the 900 in October 2011 while competing in Kimberly, South Africa while Tom Schaar nailed his at the Damn Am Woodward West competition. Alex Perelson earned his place in the 900 Club back in 2009. Other skaters who participated in the event included Jake Brown, Rony Gomes, Rob Lorifice and Andy MacDonald. October was also a good month for MacDonald, who managed to finish 5th overall at the Bob Burnquist's Dreamland MegaRamp Invitational">Dew Tour in Skateboard Vert.

Bob Burnquist's Dreamland MegaRamp Invitational">Bob Burnquist turned pro in 1995, landed a jaw dropping switch 540 to indy 720. Although it may have been the first time he landed such a combination, nobody was expecting that from the 35 year old skater. Bob Bunrquist other accomplishments include carrying the Olympic torch, doing a 50-50 into the Grand Canyon, landing his own 900 on the MegaRamp and becoming the first person to successfully execute a switch air loop, a switch loop and a natural full pipe loop. He also dominated every single event of this year's MegaRamp Series, taking home wins at all three.

The event was sponsored by Hurley, Flip Skateboards and Chipotle Mexican Grill,.

Full story on ESPN Website
Bob Burnquist's MegaRamp Invitational
Scenes from Bob Burnquist's backyard invitational

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