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Monday, November 21, 2011

Virginia Beach's only skate park closes

Koehler-Pfotenhauer, the owner, estimated it would cost $7,700 to install the fire alarm system.
If you are a good Samaritan, you are welcome to help.
Photo Rich-Joseph Facun For The Virginian-Pilot
Virginia Beach's only skate park closes

After the closing of Eastwood skatepark in Florida last week, it is now the turn of Viginia to close the city’s only skate park.
David Koehler-Pfotenhauer, the owner of the skate park said financial difficulties, including a city requirement to install a fire detection and alarm system, triggered the shutdown. After opening in 2009, Skate High began hosting bands to help make money. The facility's dual use as a concert space triggered the need for a fire detection and alarm system, said Curtis Muller, a city plans examiner.
Koehler-Pfotenhauer said he fell behind on rent and bills. The power was shut off last week, he said. Customers were invited Sunday afternoon for a final skate session in the Strawbridge-area building that holds a maze of mini-half pipes, rails and a bowl. The business was in the former Strawbridge Skating Center roller rink.
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