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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ben Raybourn: Am I ever gonna see your face again?

Ben Raybourn at Vans just a couple of days before the Protec Pool Party in 2010
Originally from Rosenberg, Texas, Ben Raybourn first got pro under Kristian Svitak's underground 1031 skateboards, eventually turning pro for them in 2009.
But as the story always goes for small brands, their stars outgrow them and move onto bigger things in the limelight.

Two years after 1031 made a household name out of a four-eyed kid that no one had ever heard of, Raybourn chose to part ways with the brand in March 2011, and Kristian kicked him off of Landshark wheels. He decided to go with $lave.
At the time, there was no talk about a video and questionned about that, Ben raybourn simply answered: "I don't know. Probably not. Maybe. If it happens, it happens."

Well, the video is out now, and it's one of the sickest thing of 2011.

"Am I ever gonna see your face again", the title of Ben Raybourn video is a song by The Angles, a hard rock band that formed in Adelaide, Australia in 1970. The band later relocated from Adelaide to Sydney and enjoyed huge local success until well into the 1990s. For the purposes of international release, their records were released under the names Angel City and later The Angels From Angel City.

From 2001 to 2007, the band's former members have toured and recorded under various names including Members of the Angels and The Original Angels Band. On 12 September 2006, The Angels were featured on a postage stamp for Australia Post as part of their Australian Rock Posters.

It was announced in April 2008 that Doc Neeson & The Angels reformed.

In November and December 2011, The Angels, featuring founding members Rick Brewster, John Brewster and Chris Bailey, were joined by Screaming Jets singer and MMMFM radio DJ, Dave Gleeson, and undertook the Waiting For The Sun Tour across Australia, to support the release of the same-titled new EP.

The Angels, with Dave Gleeson, announced during interviews to promote the tour that they'd already recorded a new album and that it is scheduled for release in the first half of 2012.

Elsewhere, it is said that Ben Raybourn has now moved from Texas to California. Street talks says probably Oceanside, the paradise of vert and pool skateboarding.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, December 27, 2011 

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucking youtube removed the video.. know anywhere else to find it???

January 10, 2012 at 2:58 PM  

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