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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dew Tour Will Return To Ocean City In 2012

 Cab at Ocean City Dew Tour in 2011. Photo Lee Leal -Embassy
Dew Tour Will Return To Ocean City on August 18-19 2012

Last November 13th, we announced on isTia.Tv that Ocean City and Dew Tour were negotiating the return of the contest for 2012. Unofficial talks between Deborah Turk, the Ocean City Tourism Director and the Dew tour started a long time ago. The goal was to bring the Dew Tour back to the Ocean City for next summer 2012. The official announcement has not been made yet on whether the Dew Tour is to return to Ocean City, but it’s close enough since the City officials are now scheduling a proposal 2012 dates for next month.
What Tourism Director Deb Turk was able to release to The Dispatch yesterday was that Dew Tour officials will come before the Mayor and City Council Jan. 16 to ask for approval of the dates of Aug. 18-19.

Sandro Dias landed #1 in the qualifiers at the Ocean City Dew Tour 2011 ... Photo Lee Leal - Embassy
“We are much different than the other venues that they work with in that everything is done publicly and everywhere else things are done behind the scenes, and then they get to build this great momentum and make a big announcement. It’s a big surprise,” Turk said. “Unfortunately, our process doesn’t lend itself to accommodate them that way.”
The city has an everlasting love story with skateboarding: The Ocean Bowl Skate Park at Ocean City, MD is the oldest operating municipal skate park in the United States. The skate park was built in the 70’s, following the rise in popularity of skateboarding and the Ocean City Council banning skateboarding on the streets within City limits. This prompted many skaters and their parents to attend the next Council meeting to ask that a space be provided for them to pursue their sport and by the first week of June, 1976, the park opened.
Ocean City is also home of Atlantic Distribution, one of the oldest and most important skateboard distributors on the east coast. Although Atlantic Distribution was opened by Dorsey Truitt in the early 70’s, he is now in semi-retirement and his son Patrick Truit is following the work where his father left.

And finally, Ocean City was home of the Dew Tour in the summer of 2011. The seven-year-old Dew Tour takes place four times every year in huge parking lots or arenas within urban centers with big skating scenes, like Portland, Boston and Chicago. But when organizers started looking for the 2011 first location, they wanted "a different look and feel for the venue," recalls tour manager Chris Prybolo and they choose Ocean City. Eventually they got the idea to build a skate park on the sand. The idea is not new. Skateparks like Bondi (Australia), Marseilles (France) and Venice (California) are all built on the sand, and the huge venue Coastal Carnage (called before the Soul Bowl) also organizes a contest on the sand at Huntington Beach with a huge wooden bowl during the Surf Contest every year during the first week of August.

Once the town approves the Dew Tour’s proposed dates, other items will then be finalized, and in February or March officials will make a formal announcement releasing information regarding the entire tour and its dates.
“Our choices were June or August, and since they can’t really come and ask for both dates, August will be the most likely dates for Ocean City, which means if they are dealing with somebody else and it’s a June date they are going to get the kickoff,” Turk said.
The Pantech Open in Ocean City was the Dew Tour’s first stop out of four. According to Dew Tour officials, there were 73,000 fans that experienced the event, the largest attendance in its history. Prior to coming to Ocean City, the Dew tour was held in Baltimore for two years and the largest crowd that gathered there was around 55,000 people.
Advertising of Ocean City will be aired on channels such as NBC Sports, MTV, USA, Fuel, Universal HD and MTV2.

If next summer’s Dew Tour dates are approved for Aug. 18 and 19, the event will follow a week behind the White Marlin Open and before Labor Day, a time frame that would keep the busy season going while students prepare to return to school.
The Dew Tour features skateboarding, BMX, skateboard bowl, surf and freestyle motocross. The competition is based on a cumulative points system and there is more than $2 million in event and bonus purses which is awarded at the year’s end based on overall tour standings.

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