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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Looped: Master of Disaster : Duane Peters documentary

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The pool skaters and the pseudo writers are the same, in a way: we are all trying to find the best lines for our art.
Pool Riders have bags full of tricks, we have bags full of words. Duane peters at Protec Pool Party 2010.
Looped: Master of Disaster : Duane Peters documentary

Whereas we are all waiting for the release of the next Bones movie with Stacy Peralta as the Commander In Chief, another of our heroes from the 70’s has a documentary on the works: Duane Peters and the documentary is aptly named: “Looped, Master of Disaster”. This one is being filmed by Nico Sabenorio, an award winning director from the San Francisco Bay Area and a student of Carlmont High, the school made famous by the 1995 film Dangerous Minds. Nico began directing documentaries on local issues just after graduation and went on to attend New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He currently lives in Los Angeles and his films explore topics including youth violence, child hunger, human trafficking and crystal meth.

Duane Peters at Lake Cunningham skatepark during Tim Brauch
Not sure how many generations Duane Peters has under his wheels; but he was
definitely hiding them and was better than most at a recent Tim Brauch contest...
Photo. Steve. Potwin. Used by permission.
The other guy who’s working on “Looped, Master of Disaster” is Adam Barker from Lone Gut Productions and already produced M80, a show aired on Fuel.Tv. On top of producing “Looped: Master of disaster”, Adam barker has also in the works “Christian Fletcher: Memoirs from People Who Want Him Dead!” Of course, both Christian Fletcher and Duane Peters are well known for wording out loud and clear what they think about the others.

Duane Peters is 50 but still skates like he was in his early 20’s. The 360 Loop of Life (from where the documentary pulls the first half of the title) was one of Duane Peter’s famous skate performances from the late 1970s. The perf was part of a skate show called Skateboardmania. The show included a looped contraption that Peters attempted several time to skate. During the course of the show he suffered several accidents thanks to the loop, including a broken collar bone. That was not the first time. In 78 he broke his elbow and got a staff infection that almost cost him his arm. That disaster was not big enough to get rid of him: after that, he invented some major skate tricks, as the "acid drop", the "layback grind", the "Indy air", the "Sweeper", the "backside layback grind revert", the "fakie hang-up" (a.k.a. "Disaster"), the "invert revert", the "fakie thruster", and the "loop of death", a full 360-degree rotation in the aforementioned loop. He also, along with Neil Blender, helped to evolve the footplant into the more dynamic fastplant. He has also participated in multiple skate competitions including several 2009 X Games and almost all the Vans Protec Pool Party. Peters has experienced tragedies as well as triumphs. He lost his son, Chess Peters, in a 2007 car accident when Chess’ Toyota veered off the road and collided with a light pole.

Duane Peters on the set of the movie: Looped: Master of Disaster
Duane Peters also battled addiction.

Afterward, Peters fell into a deep depression and stopped skating. But, he says, during this time, he felt his son’s presence telling him to get back on a board. Two years ago, while skating with Mike V on the Glory Bound Tour, Duane Peters fall in Colorado just when the tour came to an end. The slam on his left knee resulted in a staff infection so bad that the doctor wanted to amputate the leg at the knee. He ended up with a major chunk of flesh taken out of his leg and finally got out of the hospital with his two legs, but had to keep a Wound Vac on his lesion to keep it sterile.

In addition to being a tremendous skater, he is also an accomplished musician and a member of the punk rock band, U.S. Bombs. Duane Peters has also been involved with multiple music projects, ultimately recording more than 20 albums.

The documentary is expected to feature appearances from Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist and Steve Caballero as well as well known actor Jim Breuer.

Of course, I don’t need to explain the second part of the movie titled “Looped: Master Of Disaster.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, December 20, 2011 


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