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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nicole Boronat: the cute skateboarder girl from Beton Hurlant

Nicole Boronat Skateboard French Champion.
Marseilles 1978. Photo Loubat. 
Nicole Boronat The cute skateboarder girl from Beton Hurlant

To celebrate the Beton Hurlant skateboarding Exhibition in Paris, France, we are dedicating a couple of posts to French skateboarders that made what skateboarding is now.

Today, Nicole Boronat...

This cute girl from Paris, who at age 16 was a pro skateboarder; turned pro windsurfer at age 24. Soon after that, she packed her bags with her boyfriend Stephane Etienne (pro windsurfer, surfer,globe rider..), and traveled to Tarifa , fall in love with the place and lived there for some time… After they moved to the paradise Island of Fuerteventura (Canary islands); they planted roots and never moved again… Never... That was some 30 years ago. Before that, in her skateboarding era, she quickly became France skateboard champion by winning the national title. Then skateboarding ended and windsurfing came. She won some windsurfing national titles, World cup Indoor podiums, Wave World cup top 5… A board award for the best trip of the year… A top 10 in the Biarritz longboard festival and now a podium in the European Championship Stand up paddle 2010…..

She became world champion and won 10 times the title of Spanish champion. She remembers that: “When I was at school, I always wanted to skate, to be with my friends in the skatepark. I was feeling I was part of a mixture between sport, art, culture, music…a new era… At that time, skateboarding and surfing were very close…

Nicole Boronat was also my little sister’s best girlfriend. They were all skating together with Noemie Harris and other too few French skateboarders’ girls… But I especially remember Nicole Boronat because she had a top skateboarding level and she was rippin’ the bowl and the half pipe at Beton Hurlant.

Nicole Boronat at Beton Hurlant skatepark. Circa 1979
In the back, David Ferry. Ph. Loubat
I remember one sesh we had at Beton Hurlant one September in 79 or 1980 just before the park was torn down (see picture on the side, that's the sesh I'm talking about...). She was riding for Santana and Ultimo wheels. Whether Ultimo was American or Spanish, that I don’t remember, but she was promoting the brand like crazy.

An awesome Embassador for sure… .

We were on the bowl at the end on the slalom course trying to do aerials with the Brothers Loubat taking notes and pictures, as usual. The vibes were awesome, full of skateboarding and friendship and we did not know that we were living the last days of Beton Hurlant as a skatepark. That’s probably my best sesh at Beton Hurlant. That’s also the last time I saw Nicole, especially since she moved on her island and I am in Los Angeles.

Of skateboarding, Nicole remembers that: “It’s skateboarding who brought me to surfing ,…and after to windsurfing and then Stand up paddle.

She adds that ”Why are those ocean activities appealing? That's because when you are in the sea, we have freedom…. So we don`t have to limiting itself, we have to show all the aspect, angle of that sporting art ,and what we have inside us to give, to makes a good impression on the kids, on the people ,to motivate them o refuel they dreams.” When Nicole s not windsurfing o SUPing…she s filming ,editing , surfing, swimming , listenning music like Jack Jonhson, Ben Harper, Amparanoia, Mana, Bob Marley, work on travel story, help on kids project and organise the house rental...

Once a skater...
When I told her that I would do a special about her, she sent me that email: “I surf, I windsurf, I Stand up paddle, but for me the skate is my first "love" ... I always check the skatenews, the mags .. etc. One day I was in hawaii, I came across an article titled: "The new Bob Dylan". They said the guy was a skater and was playing good vibes. It was Ben Harper. Knowing that skaters are always ahead in any this art, music .. etc, with my boyfriend Stephane, we bought the record. That was too awesome, we were stoked!! And from then on another occasion when we were at Maui, we met with a friend and talking with him we learned that he was the manager of Ben Harper!! His nickname is c Zebulon, JP Plunier. He is French and as Ben Harper is an avid skateboarder ... For me, skateboarding is and will remain in my heart forever .. Some Lead, Some follow everything .. Some Changes…

Nicole Boronat still lives in Fuerteventura, in the Canary island paradise and she sometimes skate to remember the good ol’ friends…

And like they use to sing... "I wish they all could be skateboarder girls..."

Un abrazo muy fuerte Nicole, TQM!!!

The Beton Hurlant exhibition is From 10 December 2011 To 27 May 2012
Musée National du Sport, Paris France.

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