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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pool Skateboarding Failures

Pool skating is the most difficult, intense and revered kind of skating in the skateboard world. The steep slopes of the sides, the speed of the concrete and the strange bumps and cracks make pool skating as tricky as it is thrilling. If you want to tear up an empty pool, follow these steps to do pool skating on a skateboard.

1 - Start with the right board, preferably one that is between 8 and 9 inches wide and has a 15-inch wheel base. Short decks are going to work better than long ones since you can maneuver more nimbly and also do a kickturn off of the lip of the pool. Most importantly, though, make sure you use a board that you know and feel comfortable with.

2 - Get your halfpipe and skatepark pool riding down. You can't jump into an empty pool, which is a dangerous and chaotic skating environment, until you've mastered the skatepark's pool and, before that, the half pipe. Get out there early in the morning when you won't get steamrolled if you happen to fall. Pay specific attention to your kickturns.

3 - Start in the pool. Dropping in to the pool from the ledge is madness, unless you're a seasoned pool skater or you're wearing body armor to skate. Start from the bottom of the pool and push hard to get partly up one side. Kickturn to get back down and do the same on the opposite side until you build some momentum. If you don't execute the kickturn correctly, just slide down on your knees (if you're wearing knee pads).

4 - Work on the transitions. Unlike miniramps or even skatepark pools, real pools have very fast, uncontrollable transitions. As you progress with your kickturns, make sure to work different kinds of transitions, preferably in different pools. Take a few hours or even a whole day to work on a given transition so that you master it before you move on to something more difficult or even just a little different.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, December 22, 2011 


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