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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

R.I.P Tom Fain

Tom Fain: A Pure Juice skater with love of skateboarding and music...

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Oxnard CA since the age of two. my I have been skating since the mid 1970's and have never stopped. I was a member of the Sims team in the late 70's and was featured on videos, tv, and several magazine covers and articles during that time:
I never skated Amateur for Sims but went straight to Pro status. My first ad for them was the Snake Ad "I was the guy doing the frontside air next to mark Hollander. I soon began to pick up other sponsors such as Vans, Pepsi, Rector, Protec, Tracker Trucks, Tracks, and many others.
Tom credits his biggest influences as Lonnie Toft and Gordy Lienemann..."They pretty much took me under their wing and puppied me along during my young pro career. The greatest times were driving around different spots in California with Tom Sims, Lonnie, Craig Fineman and other Sims guys doing photo shots or movies. Some of the best days of my life". My early years will help to understand my story; my Sister died when he was 13, from a heroin overdose. My mother died from Cirrhosis of the liver (Booze) when he was 16. I took first place world championship comp for bowls and half pipe. With the coming of Oxnard competition, I was a contender to take first. When it came time for the competition I walked away from it and said to myself 'there has to be more to life then this'. I had reached the goal that I set out for to be pro and I was still not happy. I went on a party binge, chasing girls and spending money like it was in style and ended up broke, homeless and strung out on drugs and booze. I ended up in front of markets, skating, begging and stealing to get that next fix or bottle. In and out of jail and rehabs it seemed I was destined to be like others in my family. At the age of 23 I lost my son to SIDS sudden infant death syndrome; it seemed there was a black cloud that was following me and everything i touched or loved left me.

I met my second wife she didn't know how bad I was. As I woke up throwing up blood she took me to the hospital. The doctors told her 'there's enough stuff in this guy that if he was normal he would be dead', and it was only 8:00 am in the morning. I ended up over-dosing. They had to start my heart back up. The crazy thing was, all I wanted to do when I came to was to get out and get high again. She had had enough and went home to her mom's. A few week later I was sitting in this small apartment getting ready to be evicted and I just hated the person I had become, this pro skater that was on top of his game not at rock bottom for the second time in his life/ so I cried out to God to "take my life, I don't want to live this way anymore". I was asking him to kill me end my life, That's when things turned around and the desire to use drugs and drink left. A year later and I was back with my lady and I began to work with young people at a church. As I started to skate with them and build small ramps, I felt the urge to jump back into the industry. As I began to pick up sponsors again, I realized I had a message to young people that if they wanted to, they didn't have to do all the things I did and they can have fun skating and becoming the person their intended to be. Since then I have spent most of my adult life trying to reach them. I have spoken and skated at two of the Billy graham crusades, with 30,000 people (or more) in attendance! I've spoken to millions of different youths at schools, conventions and concerts, just doing what I love to do; skate and live life to it's fullest. I find a fulfillment in life that before I was missing. So as long as my body holds up, I will skate and have fun and share my story with others and try to make a difference in someones life". God bless - Tom Fain

Tom still travels all over the U.S. promoting skateboarding at skate shows, hosting skate camps, outeaches and showing the latest wares from his sponsors. Tom's passion for the eight has never faded and he continues to be one of the premier skaters (both on four wheels or eight) hitting the crete today. His sponsors as of 2010 include SAP skateboards, Globe, Tracker Trucks, Veteran SKates, Ironfist helmets and pads, Ritalin Bearings, Yocaher wheels, Navigator, and Changing times.

From Tom Fain Facebook page...

R.I.P Tom Fain

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