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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skateboard Vert Contest at Upland

Skateboard Vert Contest at Upland

Michael  Brookman won the Vert contest at Upland
The Brothers Malba have been organizing the Vert Contest at Upland for seven straight year. Like usual, the contest, which is much more like a good sesh between friends, what skateboard is in reality, was MCed by Malba who here and there left the phone to go skate a little (and won the over 30 category, in front of Salba)... The highlights of the day was the Pole Dancing with old skool rippers and young guns going Gun Ho. As usual, the Upland contest was a complete success. Famous locals were here to compete with people like Steve "Salba" Alba, Micke “Malba” Alba, the Rennie's, Jeff Wright, Mike Brookman, Mike Perez, Art Miranda, Kevin Burke, Arianna Carmona, Pauline Branom, Ashley Espinoza, Nicholas Meneses, Tristan Rennie, Matthew Wilcox, Dontae Overton, Alan Lapointe, Jerod Deloa, Michael Serna, Eric Salazar, Eric Salazar, Serna jr, Brandon Wong for the pix; "You got that one Brandon?"; and the rest of the Badland crew, it was an awesome weekend.

As usual for that type of contest, the results are irrelevant. All won, except Michael Brookman because he was better than anybody in the jam Sesh, so he won more than the others and got a free pass for a new tatoo…

Salba was the joke of malba today: "Hey, where did you got that yellow shirt, you were already wearing it at the original Pipeline at Upland in 78!!!".
Michael Brookman won the stuff today... Malba could'nt stop giving Hi Fives at Michael: "You are an awesome skater, kid".
Coming from Malba, that is a statement!!! 

The Pole dancing sesh was supposed to last a couple of minutes, but the higher we pole was risen, the higher over it there were skating and the longer it took to get the winner. “Don’t go that high!” Malba was repeating in his mike. Eventually, Kevin Burke flew higher than the others and lost grip with the concrete, falling in his arm. “You got that one Brandon?” asked Micke on the mike. Yes, he got this one (on tape, not on still camera…) said the others. Kevin is OK and that was the only incident of the day…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Sunday, December 18, 2011 


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