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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tampa Am 2011 results: Trevor Colden, Luke Hampton, Evan Smith

Trevor Colden Wins Tampa Am 2011:

Final Results
1. Trevor Colden
2. Luke Hampton
3. Evan Smith
4. Louie Lopez
5. Shawn Hale
6. Kevin Romar
7. Jeffery Marshall
8. Ishod Wair
9. Chase Webb
10. Brodie Penrod
11. Tyson Bowerbank
12. Tommy Fynn
Independent Best Trick
1. CJ Tamborino – Switch inward heel big spin down the gap.
2. Matt Berger – Kickflip backside tailsilde big spin out on the rail.
3. Nick Tucker – 360 flip backside 180 down the gap.

How Trevor Colden Won Tampa Am 2011 from Skatepark of Tampa on Vimeo.

Tampa Am is the place to be for the best Ams in the world, and the finals of the annual contest are often a solid representation of the best up-and-coming skaters (or soon-to-be-pro skaters) around. Here‘s a look at a couple of Am that won the Tampa Pro and what happened after that…

Elijah Berle (2010)
Yep, that’s right, Elijah Berle took the top honor at 2010′s Tampa Am and BTW, he’s not only won the first Tampa Am contest he’s ever entered, but he’s also grabbed the attention of just about every pro and industry. Vans and Chocolate‘s newest recruit, Elijah Berle has been busting out the gates lately by grinding up all sorts of shit and blazing spots at a thousand miles per hour. While you’d never guess he’s only seventeen from watching him attack any sort of terrain with the style of a grown man, thankfully he’s still just that—a kid who’s not afraid to be a kid. And by the way, it’s pronounced burr-url. The last name seems more than fitting.

Luan Oliveira (2008 - 2009)
Luan Oliveira is a Brazilian powerhouse who could take Street by storm in 2012, just as he captured 2nd in the fan voting in Real Street in 2010. He's the only skater to win Tampa Am Street twice in a row: 2008 & 2009, and he's already had a ground breaking part in Flip's "Extremely Sorry," which was awarded Best Video by Transworld Skateboarding in 2010. He also took 1st place at the Volcom Damn Am in Costa Mesa and made an appearance in the skate video Extremely Sorry. The 21 year old Brazilian native went pro for Flip Skateboards shortly afterwards in January of 2010. That same year he placed 7th at the Tampa Pro Street Finals in March, and 1st at the Copenhagen Pro Street Finals in June. Since that time he has claimed victory at the 2011 Copenhagen Pro and joined the ranks of the Street League Pros.

Ryan Decenzo (2008)
Canadian street skater Ryan Decenzo put out a killer part in Transworld’s “Hallelujah,” last year and this season will be his third competing on the Dew Tour. He earned his am stripes after winning the prestigious Tampa Am. Since turning pro he’s always out filming video parts and showing freakish skills on rails, The 2008 winner of the prestigious Tampa Am contest, Decenzo turned pro the following year and has been climbing the professional ranks ever since. His third year on the circuit has been a charm. A previous Best Trick winner on the Dew Tour, Decenzo logged his first street skate win at this year's Dew Tour stop in Salt Lake City. Then he won again at the series finale in Las Vegas in October, clinching the overall Dew Cup title and a $75,000 bonus. At this summer's X Games, he finished second in Real Street, a competition pairing a street skater and a videographer, and took gold in Game of SK8, his sport's version of HORSE, by landing rail tricks that could not be met by anyone else in the field. Decenzo also competes in the Maloof Money Cup series and recently took fifth at the South Africa stop. Those standout performances are likely to earn Decenzo an invite to Rob Dyrdek's Street League Skateboarding tour for 2012.

Cody McEntire (2006)
Cody McEntire won the Tampa AM contest in 2006 and turned pro for Think Skateboards in 2010 even if Think Skateboards was already one of his sponsors at the time he won the Tampa AM. Think skateboards has some amazing skaters that maybe haven' gotten the full shine they deserve from the rest of the skateboarding industry. Cody McEntire is one such skater. Emerging out of the tiny Texas hamlet of Belton back in 2006, McEntire showed up at the famed Tampa Am contest as a relative unknown. McEntire then went on to shock the crowd in attendance, and later the skateboarding world, by beating all comers and taking the win in Tampa over heavy hitters including Tommy Sandoval, Keegan Sauder and Dave Bachinsky. McEntire hasn't slowed down since, but he also hasn't done a lot of speaking up. The quiet kid has been letting his skating do the talking ... and his skating has been speaking volumes.

Nyjah Huston (2005)
Since winning the Tampa Am in January 2005, Nyjah has been competing against the 2005 was skater Nyjah Huston's year to win the Tampa AM Street Finals. He was just 10 years old at the time, which made him the youngest winner in the contest's history. He didn't turn pro until 2008, the same year he started IandI Skateboards, his very own company.
Sierra Fellers (2004)
Sierra Fellers placed 2nd at the 2007 Tampa Am (and won the best trick competition for the 2007 with a nollie flip boardslide down the step-up rail followed by a kickflip back lip shove-it) and won the contest in 2004. Sierra Fellers earned his first magazine cover on Euro Sugar magazine and turned pro for Foundation Skateboards in 2007. Also in 2007, he landed 2nd at the Volcom Damn Am. When he returned to Tampa Am in 2005 he didn't do as well as the year before and finished 5th.

Other winners after the jump...

Kevin Long (2003)
2003 was a good year for skater Kevin "Spanky" Long. He won the Tampa Am in January and before the year was over he turned pro for Baker Skateboards. The 27 year old still rides for Baker Skateboards as well as Emerica and Spitfire Wheels.

Caswell Berry (2002)
Caswell Berry won the Tampa AM in 2002. At the time he was riding for Osiris, a company that continues to support him to this day. By 2007 he had turned pro.

Colt Cannon (2001)
Colt Cannon won the Tampa AM in January of 2001 and by May of that same year he had turned pro. At the time the California native was sponsored by Circa Skateboards.

Kyle Beard (2000)
Virginia native Kyle Beard took 1st place at the Tampa AM in 2000 and had turned pro by 2001. At the time he was sponsored by Lost and OJ Wheels. He continues to skate and in August of this year he finished 3rd at the Empire Backyard Party Finals.

Mike Peterson (1999)
Florida native Mike Peterson was one of the first Tampa AM winners to go pro. He won the contest in January of 1999 and by March of that year he had already turned pro. At the time he was sponsored by Team Pain and Ace Trucks.

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