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Friday, December 2, 2011

Tampa Am 2011

Tampa Am 2011 Thursday: Welcome to Town Bowl Jam and 5 Spot Art Show from Skatepark of Tampa on Vimeo.

Ben Hatchell #1 in 2010 “It was sick getting to skate with all those older dudes, but I guess I skate a lot of street now
so that probably helped me out in the small tranny and stuff” Hatchell said.
He injured himself at the end of the finals, and wasn’t able to compete in the Best Trick that followed.
Photo Julian Bleecker from

Who’s gonna win the Tampa Pro? Here a list of three guys that might land on the podium…

A couple of weeks ago, Concrete Magazine just placed Canadian up and comer skateboarder TJ Rogers the cover of the mag with a huge 10-stair Nollie Kickflip. TJ Rogers’ favorite city to skate is Phoenix Arizona. He said in an interview “its always a good time skating there never rains. We skated everywhere , went to T bird Skatepark alot and El Camino…” An you know what, TJ Rogers should be on the podium at Tampa Am this WE… This guy has been working hard to be on a podium at a Tampa Am win since 2008. This year is particularly noteworthy because it was the first year that he made it into the Damn Am competition's top five. Coming from Whitby, Ohio, TJ Rogers took 1st place at the Damn Am Canada Finals in September and was looking in fine form.

There are also odds for Zero Skateboards Team member Ben Hatchell to be on the podium. It isn't his first time there and he has the recent wins to make him a strong contender. Born in Manassas, Virginia, Ben hatchel won the 2011 Phoenix Am beating out well known powerhouses like Collin Provost, Tyson Bowerbank, Matt Berger and Kechaud Johnson. In 2010, he won the Coastal Carnage and this summer he also landed 2nd at Coastal Carnage in Hungtinton Beach, losing out to none other than legendary skater Tony Hawk. Add to that his previous X Games medals and his stunning performance at this year's Ultra Bowl and you have a recipe for success.

Finally, Element Skateboards' rider Will Marshall is another up and coming am with the chops sufficient enough to pull off a win. He's made it to the Tampa Am five consecutive times without a 1st place win and like TJ Rogers, is due for one. In September he placed 2nd at both the Damn Am Canada Finals and Best Trick competitions. His frontside 360 shuv down the stairs followed by a hardflip and frontside flip on the rail were flawlessly executed leading me to believe that maybe this will be his year.

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