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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tommy Guerrero named one of NPR best 50 Albums Of 2011

Tommy Guerrero named one of NPR best 50 Albums Of 2011

It’s been a very good year for Tommy Guerrero: he was just recently recognized by TransWorld as one of the 30 most influential skaters of all times, he has just finishing the new Bones Bigade movie with Stacy Peralta and the rest of the Bones Brigade (set to be released in 2012) and his last album, “Lifeboats and Follies”, was just listed a couple of days ago in the top 50 NPR selection of best albums for 2011. Felix Contreras from NPR describe Tommy Guerrero's Lifeboats and Follies, album as: “a groovy statement of how well Afro-Caribbean music mixes with rock, jazz, soul and skateboarding.”

At 45, Tommy Guerrero, has been a vibrant member of the skate community since the early 80’s. Of course, he was part of the legendary Bones Brigade and was featured in Stacy’s iconic skate videos like “The Search for Animal Chin.” Tommy Guerrero is also the co-founder of Real Skateboards and 40’s Clothing. He is an art director for Krooked Skateboarding, and he is a prolific recording artist- from the “Fat Jazzy Grooves” and “Another Late Night” compilations, to albums for Mo’Wax, Galaxia, Function 8, Rush and Quannum. Guerrero was a member of the skate rock band Free Beer and the experimental group Jet Black Crayon, but has had more success as a solo artist. As part of Jet Black Crayon he toured with Isotope 217 and Tortoise. He’s scored tunes for Thomas Campbell’s surf film “Sprout”, the EA video game “skate” and had the honor of being the sole provider of music for Todd Oldham’s show “Hand Made Modern” on HGTV. His songs have been licensed for zeitgeist television shows like “Queer as Folk”, “Sex in the City” and “CSI Miami”. His concerts packed houses from the Fujirock Festival in Japan to Café DuNord in S.F. and The Knitting Factory in N.Y.C. Tommy Guerreo is also a great designer whose works can be found on Levis in Japan, Vans shoes worldwide, and soon on eyeglasses in the U.S.

He started gaining national recognition for his musical talents in the late 1990s with the release of his first album, “Loose Grooves and Bastard Blues”. By 2004 he climbed to an apex in popularity when his third studio album, Soul Food Taqueria was named by Rolling Stone magazine the #2 on its 2003 "best of list". In 2011, he helped celebrate Real Skateboards' 20th Anniversary and went on a musical tour in Japan with Ray Barbee, another pal from the Bones Brigade.

Tommy Guerrero is from San Francisco, and Lifeboats and Follies is a picture-perfect snapshot of that special Bay Area mix of Afro-Caribbean music combined with jazz and rock. Tommy’s songs aren't really songs so much as explorations of grooves and fuse various types of music from rock, rap, funk, soul, and jazz with his guitar adding sonic punctuation.

Tommy Guerrero's Albums
- Loose Grooves and Bastard Blues (1998)
- A Little Bit Of Somethin' (2000)
- Hoy Yen Ass'n (collaboration with former Jet Black Crayon member Gadget) (2000)
- Soul Food Taqueria (2003)
- Year of the Monkey - EP (2005)
- From The Soil To The Soul (2006)
- Return of the Bastard (2008)
- Guerrero also compiled and mixed a DJ mix album for the Azuli Records' Late Night Tales / Another Late Night series in 2002, Another Late Night: Tommy Guerrero.
- Lord Newborn and The Magic Skulls (collaboration with Money Mark and Shawn Lee)(2009).
- Lifeboats and Follies (2011)

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