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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 changes in media skateboarding for 2012

Hello Skater Girl by Julian Bleecker is a sure win for 2012
Five Big changes looming in the skateboarding media industry in 2012
January is usually the month when gurus launch their previsions for the New Year. Here are five trends that are bound to happen in 2012.

Skateboard blogs will die out
One of the first big changes will be the disappearance of hundreds of local skateboard blogs. Blogging was born several years ago from readily accessible templates like Blogger, Wordpress and Tumbler. Almost overnight neophyte journalists started blogging with almost perfect ease. Their blogs looked very professional and neat. But rapidly, the new bloggers realized that without original content and daily updates, their website only attracted 5, 10 or 20 people a day. Even if the vast majority of skateboard bloggers do it because they like it, without looking for monetary gain or fame, at the end of the day a pool of 20 daily readers is not enough to monetize the blog or even to reward the ego of the blogger. That’s a bummer. The only blogs that will stay are the one done by big skateboard companies that have nothing to loose since the costs of the websites are embedded in their marketing costs. Or those written by pure had-core skaters for who, attendance or affluence, is not a goal. Among the blogs that will survive the big wipeout of 2012 are Ozzie Ausband, Seb Carayol, Kilwag, Chris Eggers, Peter Dietches Diepes and Brandon Wong.

Medium size Skateboard video website will fade away
By the same token, the hundreds of new skate videos websites that sprouted in 2011, thanks to new platforms (like Ning for example) are also bound to disappear in 2012, for almost the same reason (not enough viewers). Even a video website like Shred-Or-Die (Tony Hawk’s website) is struggling to renew its original content and is awash with appalling videos or spam uploaded by the thousands of users watering down the quality and thus the interest of the site. A lot of those new skate video websites are motivated by monetary interest but are not true to the real skater and are just broadcasting whatever new skate video showing up on the web, regardless of its relevance or quality. Most of them just mix skateboarding with surfing, snowboarding and even BMX, boxing or whatever other Xtrm sport; which show that their marketing managers have no clue what the market really is. Additionally, even a website that has several thousand of amazing skateboard videos (and there are some) cannot compete against YouTube that have hundreds of thousands of skateboard video (100 times more). On top of that, Tony Hawk announced one month ago a 100 million dollar deal with Google where he will produce original skateboard clips for the new company… That deal will definitively break a lot of medium sized videos skateboard website that don’t have the assets or the willingness to compete either with Google or You Tube…
To put things in perspective, only very small or very big skate videos websites will survive 2012, leaving medium sized site bloodless.

Increased partnerships between Skate Event Organizers and major TV
In 2012, there will be more partnerships between skateboarding event organizers like Dew or Red Bull with major media companies beyond Fox’s Fuel TV and NBC Sports. A place Like Ocean City has already applied to host one stop of the Dew Tour in 2012 because the 2011 spillovers from TV royalties have left the city awash with money. Red Bull's Signature Series for NBC is another manifestation of that trend. Especially since early in 2011 we saw the Madison Square Garden Company celebrate the launch of their action sports and lifestyle division with the Air in the Square MegaRamp event.

Increasing use of technology
Whether it is the technology behind websites or blogs or just mobile diffusion, the technology will play an important part in the future of skateboard videos distribution in 2012. Companies like GoPro are now offering amazing movie camera under $200 that makes you feel you will be the next Stacy Peralta and envision a career as a skateboard director... 2012 will also be the year when skateboard aggregators will take over content providers. Aggregators are not humans, they are bots. A skate aggregator website constantly browse the net in search of the latest skateboarding news, pix or videos and display them on their own page in a way that users think the pix, texts, videos are original content from the website. This can only be done with massive use of state of the art technology in the form of advanced search engines coupled with sagacious algorithms. In order to do this, you have to be more of an IT engineer than a dilettante skateboarder…


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 

Anonymous Chris Eggers said...

My blog will continue no matter what. I have fun doing it, even if not one person reads it, I don´t care as if I would not care if I was the only skateboarder on this planet. I will continue like I will always continue to skateboard. Basta.

January 4, 2012 at 2:12 AM  

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