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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amateur Combi Pool Classic 2012: results

Austin Gordon landed perfectly this 540 that brought him the 3rd place
over 16.
Amateur Combi Pool Party results (2012)

Today, the 2nd Ams Combi Pool Party took place at Vans with 2 categories: under 15 and over 16. This Amateur contest is probably one of the most interesting skate contests of the year, simply because you are not only there to witness ripping young kids and awesome new tricks, but also the future of skateboarding. When it comes to tricks, the creativity of those kids is limitless, especially since they can rely to 30+ years of bowl riding and on the example of the Masters still shredding the Pro-Tec every May or so. When the Masters will have their joints too sore to pump, those li’l rippers will be there to continue the fight. The level of Ams has increase tenfold in the last couple of years and it was extremely difficult to predict who would be on the podium in 2012, let alone who would win. In retrospective, one can say he saw it coming… Yeah, I’m not convinced… Some of the favorites included Alex Sorgente, Heimana Reynolds, Cory Juneau, Clay Kreiner, Morgan Wolf and Chris Russel, among others. isTia.Tv met with almost all of them and their interview is on isTia.Tv. Take a minute or two to see them in pix and in words…

Like last year, the World Cup Skateboarding was in charge of organizing the stuff and their goal was to feature the top bowl skaters in each age division! There were two divisions: under 16 and over 16. Skaters more that 18 years old were not authorized to ride.
Before going into more details of the contest, first, let’s see who made the finals…

Under 16 Amateur Combi Pool Party results
1. Alex Sorgente $1,000
2. Cory Juneau $600
3. Tristian Rennie $400
4. Morgan Wolf $200
5. Trey Wood $100
6. Heimana Reynolds $100
Tristan Rennie showing off the Badland colors. Salba must be thrilled,
his protege has a bright future...
7. Clay Kreiner $100
8. Kaden Campbell
9. Archer Braun
10. Justin Rivera
11. Evan Berle

As any good real estate would say, Location, Location, Location, is the number one rule in real estate, and it's often the most overlooked. The same goes with skateboarding. The most important concept in Sskateboarding is Fun, Fun, Fun with, as a corollary, Energy, Energy, Energy. Today, Vans skatepark had the 3 main components to make a good day perfect: location, fun and energy. The Combi was packed with just awesome people today: the Vans and WCS crew, the skaters and the parents. Let’s not forget that most competitors were under 15 and had to be brought by their parents. Those parents are dedicated to skateboarding the core. They have as much energy as their kids. Just talk with Matt (Heimana’s Father), Tom (Asher’s father), Gerry (Austin’s father), Patricia (Big E’s parents), Joe (Kiko’s father), Bill (Tristan’s Father) or Jay (Morgan’s father). Those parents are dedicated to invest in big ramps in their backyards or to pay for expensive trips to go to the contests (sometimes oversea)…

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Last year, it was very difficult to beat Chris Russell, the #1 WCS ranked Am for 2010, and Alex Sorgente, was last year’s winner. Alex Sorgente stay on top of the game all day, eventually finished #1 and added another 1st place win in the Under 16 Division to his already impressive résumé and received a $1,000 prize purse. Sorgente has been shredding copings everywhere for the last two years racking up one incredible performance after another. Let’s not forget his 15 consecutive frontside boneless ones at the X-Games 16 that brought him a well deserved spot in the Guinness World Record books (read Alex Sorgente interview with isTia.Tv). Cory Juneau is a helluva skaters and is doing aerials that nobody but Austin Poynter (over 16) can beat, however he landed second. His half cabs and flawless runs earned him a cool $600. Tristan Rennie arrived 11th last year and 3rd this year. When I talked with Bill, his father, I told him that I was seeing Tristan in the top three, he answered that fourth or fifth would be more realistic... See Bill, told you... Tristan is coming from Salbaland (previously known as the Badland) and has ripped all day. Rennie is well on his way to being a technical master. He really knows how to rock and roll. Trey Wood's BS Air garnered him $100 and a 5th place win. Morgan Wolf is also one of the kids that should have been in the top three. His runs were powerfull and precise. Unfortunately, there are only 3 skaters in the top three. He seemed happy with a fourth place anyway and he seems happy all the time anyway. Seeing Morgan skating is like being in paradise. Trey Wood got 5. One of the surprises of the day is the 6th place of Heimana Reynolds. He landed #9 last year, but after he won so many contests this year and especially the Tim Brauch memorial, he was on everybody’s watch list (at least on mine). Heimana Reynolds is also the #1 WCS bowl champ for 2011, his skating his awesome, but I guess the judges awarded more points for the fith guys before him. He will go back to Hawaii with a bag full of souvenirs anyway... Clay Kreiner landed 7th despite his stellar vert performances at several events last year. In 2011, he took 4th at the Tampa Am, 1st at the Gatorade Free Flow Competition, 3rd at the Damn Am Woodward West and 2nd at the Am Combi Pool Party. The regular footed am's frontside airs are spectacular.

Beyond that, basically all of last year’s top ten did great (Clay Kreiner, Cory Juneau, Archer Braun, Morgan Wolf, Kaden Campbell and Max Jenson).

The winner of the over 16 is Austin Poynter, same a s last year.

Over 16 Combi Pool Classic Results;
1 Austin Poynter
2 Al Brunelle
3 Austin Gordon
4 Cason Kirk
5 Aidan dansey
6 Adrian Fernandez
7 Greyson Fletcher
8 Ronnie O'Neil
9 Frank Schaffroth
10 Beaver Flemming

Austin Poynter is incredibly consistent in his runs, he makes skateboard look like it’s a walk in the park. The same can be said of Al Brunelle (#2), Austin Gordon (#3), Cason Kirk (#4) and Aidan Dansey (#5). I don’t want to belittle the over 16 who did a great job however, the under 15 literally stole the show. Those kids have so much energy and power that it’s totally insane.
Aidan Dansey, rides for Flood Kontrol #5
They are probably made of rubber since they don’t seem to fall! Never; or when they occasionally fall they just rebound and immediately get on their feet and skate again. During the contest, I talked with Steve Van Doren and he added the word “talent” to my long list of superlative. The talent can definitively be seen in the younger ones: Kiko, Asher and Big E are stars waiting to be discovered, at least by the mainstream. They just need a couple of extra pounds and longer legs to jump several feet over the coping like Austin Poynter and Cory Juneau. Kiko and Asher are already doing aerials up in the air and Big E (Evan Doherty) is definitively the king of the 540. On multiple occasions, he did three 540 back to back in the square pool. He is able to do seven 540 in a row. I asked him why did he not do a 720 (which he is used to do), and he said that he just didn’t feel like it today and preferred to concentrate on flow rather than tricks. Back at home, Evan ramp is huge, but a ramp is not a bowl and you have to get used to this…

isTia.Tv has still tons of sick pictures to show. It take time to go through the hundreds of pictures. More details, pix and complete coverage coming later on isTia.Tv… Stay tuned and come back soon...

Greyson Fletcher is skating like there is no tomorrow. He was the only one
skating padless, like a disaster waiting to happen. maybe that's why he also has a style similar to Duane Peters...

Clay Kreiner

Aidan Dansey

Chris and Patricia, Evan Doherty's parents. We sat outside Vans and talked for a good 20mn. Chris built himself the huge ramp that you see in all of Evan's videos. That's a work that even Titan himself would not have done. now, that's my kind of parents... Kudos and congrat for lil' Big E.

Austin Poynter

Morgan Wolf

On any given day, if you go to the Combi and you see Morgan Wolf, that means there's Austin Poynter somewhere, and if there is Austin there is most probably Allysha Bergado... And if there is Allysha Bergado there is Lizzie Armanto... Hmmm this will never end...

Trey Wood

Heimana Reynolds

Heimana Reynolds receiving a trophy for is #1 WCS rank

Alex Sorgente winner over 16...

Austin Poynter

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