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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Austin Poynter express interview - Amateur Combi Pool Party

Austin Poynter express interview - Amateur Combi Pool Party

What is the future of bowlriding? Is it “trannies” like TSW calls it? What is a “tranny” rider anyway? Why is the XGames using the word “skatepark” when they talk about bowl riding? Wrong questions, probably. Better ask “who” is the future of bowlriding? Well, that’s what the good folks at WCS and Vans have in store for this coming Saturday with the second edition of the Vans Amateur Combi Pool Party (not Pro-Tec). They have assembled the best of the best amateurs and are ready to throw them into a pit on The Block. A couple of days ago, isTia.Tv started a roundup and asked the best 10 bowlriders how they are doing a before the Combi contest. This time, we stop with Austin Poynter, a skilled 16 year old bowl (and vert) rider who has sponsorship support from Oakley, Osiris shoes, Powell Peralta, Bones wheels, GoPro, S-one helmets, 187 pads, and McGill's Skateshop , just to name a few. He is known to unleash sweet fs viral and huge airs at the Carmel Valley Skatepark in San Diego, California. Austin Poynter is not a stranger to the Combi Pool Party event since he was the top qualifier and won his division in 2011. And, BTW, we also asked him about the future of bowl-riding. How were you introduced to skateboarding and what got you started? Austin Poynter: As a kid, me and my friends used to go through fads, we went through everything from BMX to scooters and eventually skateboarding. So far, that's the only one that stuck hahaha. Were there any early influences on your skating? Austin Poynter: One of my favorite skaters I've always looked up to was Bucky Lasek. I've always loved his style and bag of tricks. Crazy to think that I skate with him almost on a regular basis now. How are your parents involved with skateboarding? Austin Poynter: I couldn't ask for better parents… They take me to the skatepark and my dad even takes pride in stickering up my board and helmet hahaha. They're so supportive in whatever I do.
Austin Poynter a couple of days ago at the Combi Pool Is school important? Austin Poynter: I always make sure to keep my grades up and my homework done. When was the last time you hurt yourself skateboarding? Austin Poynter: My last slam was New Year's Eve. I over rotated on a 540.. Lucky nothing too bad, but I did manage to crack my helmet. Why do you skate bowls and not Street? Austin Poynter: I've always loved the flow of bowls. There's no way you'll get the flow of bowl in the streets. Do you know you could be 20 times more famous being a street skater? Austin Poynter: Haha, I guess so.. I'm not really in it for the fame. Is there a future in bowl riding? Austin Poynter: I definitely think bowl riding has a future. Huge events like Protec will only get more popular within the years. Do you skate bowls because you prescient bowl riding will be bigger than street in the future or do you just give up fame and fortune and skate for the love of it? Austin Poynter: Well, when I think of skateboarding, I don't really think of the fame and fortune. If I had to the choice on whether to give up fun in return for the money, I'd choose fun in a heartbeat. How often do you go to Vans? Austin Poynter: Generally, I try and head up there every weekend or so, but lately, I've been going a few times a week. Who do you see in the Podium at the Combi Pool this year? Austin Poynter: I'm not sure... Could be anybody. What have you done in the past 3 months? Austin Poynter: Skated demos at the LA Convention center for SkiDazzle, skated a lot of Encinitas and Vans, and working on school stuff. How have you tried to prepare for the Protec contests in the past & this year? Austin Poynter: A lot of practice and a lot of fun. What were the last contests you did? Austin Poynter: Actually, the last contest I skated was last year's Amateur Protec. Haven't done many recently but I'm working on this year's schedule now. What trick are you working on? Austin Poynter: For the most part, I'm not working on any specific tricks but trying to perfect what I already have. Have you changed sponsors lately? Austin Poynter: I haven't changed any sponsors but I do have something in the works. Currently I ride for Oakley, Osiris shoes, Powell Peralta, Bones wheels, GoPro, S-one helmets, 187 pads, and McGill's Skateshop.

Good luck for the Amateur Combi Pool Party 2012!!!

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, January 26, 2012 


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