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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships ABC 2012

Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships ABC 2012

This coming week end, and for the first time ever in Australia, the Australian bowl riders will have the opportunity to compete in a true ‘National’ skateboarding competition called The Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships (ABC™). The contest is set on January 26th-28th 2012, so, save the date. Taking place at one of the country’s most progressive skateparks, Bar Beach-Empire Park Skate Park in Newcastle, the event will host an array of Australia’s best talent from the bowl riding community including world-vert champion Renton Millar, Professional Skateboarder and T.V personality Corbin Harris and Adrian Jones, pioneer of Australian skateboarding and true legend of the sport. The Bar Beach Empire Park Skate Park is one of 10 public skate parks located in the Newcastle area. It features a street style course, fun box with grind rail, manny pad, ledge and a bowl that ranges in depth from seven to 11 feet.
On the grill will be pros, amateurs and masters competing for a $20,000 prize purse. As part of the event amateur skaters are also being invited to qualify for the Dew Am Jam. Three skaters will be selected from the Newcastle skate contest to participate in the Dew Am Jam (provided he-she will be under 18 years of age at the time of the Vans Bondi Bowl-A-Rama. The Vans Bondi-Bowl-A-Rama is scheduled to take place February 25th at the Bondi Skate Park. Skaters that do manage to qualify for the Dew Am Jam while in Newcastle will receive a prize purse valued at $500.

Niguel Dawes will cover the Australian bowl series for isTia.Tv. Here, surfing at DY Point
isTia.Tv will cover both events (The ABC Newcastle and the Bondi Bowl-A-rama) with local presence. What’s best than skater-photographers that already know the place, the idiosyncrasies and peculiarities of the local light, are part of the surfing-skateboarding culture of Australia and are immersed in the Down Under way of life?

The first of our local correspondent is Nigel Dawes. Nigel’s been writing professionally and shooting for well over a decade. With grass roots in Graphic Design, he’s grown up with Photoshop and reckons those anti-Photoshop people who call themselves “purists” should stick to shooting film, hiding in darkrooms and scribbling with a quill!

Sydney Local scene, Photo Kim Andison
Writing and shooting for Soggybones Magazine, his focus is on exposing underground extremists who do silly shit you wouldn’t dream of, and sharing their amazing stories. When he’s not scribing or pressing the shutter, he’s surfing lonely reef breaks on the South East Coast of Australia, or grinding the coping at his local skate park. He also enjoys track days on his highly modified Triumph Thruxton 900, and says that while they’re supposed to be non-competitive, all the riders are out there to pass the guy in front.

He lived in Fiji during his 20s, surfing passages that remain un-named to this day, and spent his primary school years on Christmas Island surfing a Coolite. He’s travelled the World, seeking out seaside towns with small populations where he loves a good yarn with the locals.

Naturally attracted to the ocean, his personal work
Sydney Local scene: photo Kim Andison
focuses on seascapes, light houses, and anything else where land meets ocean. He particularly enjoys shooting long-exposures and often uses second curtain on bulb in his skateboarding photos due to the artistic characteristics produced. Nigel keeps busy with many interests and says they keep him sane in this otherwise crazy world.

Nigel has his own website at

Our seconf local correspondant is Kim Andison. Kim have been an amateur sports photographer for around 6 years now and I mainly (90%) shoot surfing images. He surfs & shoots for our local Cronulla Point Boardriders club and he has been chosen to cover the Southern Regional Titles for Surfing Australia & the local Sutherland shire newspaper which received coverage on Coastalwatch.

Last year he shot the Boost Mobile Surf Sho (Bondi Beach) with Nigel Dawes, also covering this for the Leader (Cronulla Shire Newspaper).

Kim have been skating and surfing for most of his life as both have been a huge passion of him.

This year, he is very keen to develop his photography in skateboarding.

It is a great pleasure welcoming Nigel and Kim to isTia.Tv especially since both of them have roots in surfing AND skateboarding… And we are very proud of this.

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