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Monday, January 30, 2012

Malmö Vert Attack 2012: Results

Photo Fred Ferand
Exclusive Coverage of the Malmö 6th Vert Attack 2012

This past Friday and Saturday in Malmö, Sweden skaters from across the globe gathered for the 6th Annual Vert Attack skate competition, a contest hosted by John Magnusson and his crew. With a vert ramp extension nicknamed The Exterminator and tons of talent on tap; it was one heck of a show. Vert skaters young and old, coming from various European contries (and even the US of A) got together (some veterans where padless) to mix it up indoors in front of fans and take home some good times for their efforts. After the qualifications took place the ramp was on fire with Ben Hatchell, Jake Anderson, Sean Goff, Wingy,
Ben Hatchell bs Kick flip over the channel... The Malmö Vert # 1 Pro had a great 2011: 5th at the CONS Coastal,
2nd place at the same event for Best Trick and 1st at the  Phoenix Am. Given his endless bag of tricks in Malmo,
 it looks like 2012 will be just as stellar a year for the talented  skater. Photo Fred Ferand
Lois Pendlebury, Sam Bosworth, Andy Scott, Jocke Olsson, Alain Goikoetxea, Reiss Johnsson, Brad McClain , Justin Lynch, Jeff Hedges, Mike Crum, Duane Peters and plenty of others as they took care of business in the semi’s and the final’s of both the Masters and Pro/Am categories. Fred Ferand was there to witness the craziness; here is his report for isTia.Tv…

All pictures and story by Fred Ferand

« You should have been there! »
I know, I'm saying this way too often, but this time I mean it.
John Magnusson and his crew have started something that has quickly become un-missable.

Bruno Rouland Photo Fred Ferand
How's that?

It seems simple, you organize a good old backyard contest with a sweet mix of ripping kids, top pros and seasoned veterans in one of the most welcoming place in the skateboarding world and you'll get the picture of what happened after the 6th edition.
I won't recall every trick from every heat, but a few moments are emerging from my mind...
A 12 year's old kid from Japan blew everybody's mind away with his style and tricks going back to the home of the rising sun with a well earned title.

A 51 year's old punker gave goosebumps to the audience just by appearing on the platform.
Duane Peters FS Tailblock Photo Fred Ferand
As soon as Duane Peters showed up to warm up; a whisper rose from the crowd. You could feel the excitation. I, for one, have expected this for a looong time. To be lucky enough to watch the master of disaster with my own eyes is priceless. Every run he took drew applauses and shouts and he gave 150% like always.

At the end of the master's final, after fifteen minutes of intense session, Stan, the announcer, was calling the countdown. Mike Vallely was standing on the highest platform (called the exterminator) he flipped the bird to the jurys and yelled and ordered to get 5 more minutes. There was no way this final could end like this, everybody wanted more. They got more !
Jake Olson Photo Fred Ferand
Nicky Guerrero won with his great style and hundreds of tricks, Justin Lynch was a close second, Jim the Skin rode like he was fifteen and Sean Goff made 2 mactwist's attempts ! Mike V got what he was trying in doing a crazy no comply over the channel.

Jake Anderson won it all last year, he shook the pressure away in the last 5 minutes of the pro final by doing crazy runs but it was a bit too late to claim his title back from Ben Hatchell. This kid is smiling all the time; he stayed on the platform to watch all the heats and made every one of his padless tricks seem so easy, surely a crowd favorite. But the judges had a hard time to decide whereas Ben was the winner or not, Andy Scott,
Justin Lynch Photo Fred Ferand
in a totally different style coulda been on the first place. He too, made every trick look sooo easy, skating the ramp like it used to be and even doing a kickflip eggplant I heard called « scrambled egg » on the exterminator. The judges decided to award the younger Hatchell but no one really cared because, like the old cliché says, skateboarding was the real winner in Malmö.
One last recall: the smile of Jeff Heges. This Santa Cruz icon had made so many friends last year that they all pitched in some money to book him a flight and allow him to come back this year. He sure made it worth it by riding with a sore shoulder, even doing his classic gymnast plant.

Mike Vallely finished in 5th place. Vallely has had an eventful 2012 thus far. He started his own company
(Elephant Skateboards) and got back on the ice with the Danbury Whalers. Photo Fred Ferand
You really shoulda been there.

Fred Ferand


Also known as "El Gato Negro", Fred Ferand was born in Paris but lives in Bordeaux, France. He has covered the European skate scene with his fisheye and flashes for the past 30 years. He usually cites MoFo and Glen Friedman as references and inspiration. Fred is known to exhibit his pictures in art galleries and placed pictures with Freestyler Mag, Thrasher Mag, le mag, SOMA, Confusion and Old Man Army zine.

Nicky Guerrero (DK) #1 reigned on the ramp. He shared the winner's podium
with Justin Lynch (US), Paul Atkins (UK) and Sean Goff (UK).
 Photo Fred Ferand
Malmö 6th Vert Attack 2012 Final Results
1. Ben Hatchell USA
2. Andy Scott UK
3. Jussi Korhonen SWE
4. Jake Anderson UK
5. Brad McClain USA
6. Mike Crum USA

1. Nicky Guerrero DK
2. Justin Lynch USA
3. Paul Atkins UK
4. Sean Goff UK
5. Mike Vallely USA
6. Jeff Hedges USA

1. Yuto Horigome JPN
2. Simon Karlsson SWE
3. Bjorn Lillesoe DK
4. Reiss Johnsson UK
5. Zak Kutz UK
6. Andreas Laurtsen DK

You can catch a rebroadcast of the entire event on the Skate Malmo website.

All pictures by Fred Ferand, used by permission only.

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