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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mike Vallely creates Elephant Skateboards

Mike's Elephant Board
in the 80's. That was then
and this is now...
Mike Vallely creates Elephant Skateboards
After splitting a fourth time with Powell-Peralta Mike Vallely is launching a new brand for the fourth time. Vallely's previous attempts at creating his own brands include TV skateboards, Vallely skateboards and By The Sword skateboards.
The new brand is called Elephant Brand, which is kinda of peculiar since the Elephant was the design of the board Mike Vallelly had with Powell-Peralta in the 80’s.
Relationships between Mike Vallely and Powell-Peralta have been more than tumultuous. According to a post on his blog, Vallelly has accused George Powell of “taking control over all of our (The Bones Brigade) lives and careers” because of a ten year contract that he signed in New Jersey in order to received his first check of $10,000 around 1986.
Vallely left Powell-Peralta in mid-December 2011 and, according to a blog on “I Found Out For Myself”, had been working on the launch of Elephant brand since October. Mike Vallely wrote, "When I returned to Powell Skateboards for the third time, I expected it to be my finest moment in skateboarding. I was primed for it. [George Powell] and his company could never have found and never will again -- a more enthusiastic or passionate supporter. Others had tried to warn me -- but I was blinded by my desire to make it all alright. I really believed that this time it would work. I found out for myself that nothing had changed."
"They (Powell-Peralta) just wanted me to simply ride their boards, go do some demos and shut up. At 41 years old, they just wanted me to be a "Legendary Team Rider" but this time with a starting pro's salary," he added.
Mike Vallely is also accusing Stacy Peralta to try to relaunch a brand that truly does not exist. He is saying on his blog: “There is no Powell-Peralta — Not really. It’s just a brand name that’s been strategically positioned to capitalize on a film – to capitalize on nostalgia. There’s no substance there. There is no here and now. There is no soul. It’s all a fucking sham. I found out for myself.”
Mike Vallely finishes his post the same way he started it, by saying he should have work with Zorlac, a skateboard brand from the 70’s that cruised during decades under the radar of big companies and stayed small and true to the core of real skateboarders…
Vallely's aims with Elephant are to represent skateboarding as he sees it. "This brand is not framed by someone else's idea of cool, or what they think skateboarding is from moment to moment. It's a brand that simply represents what I have always represented: 100% skateboarding for love."

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