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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Results: ABC Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships 2012

Photo Nigel Dawes
ABC Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships 2012.

Exclusive coverage for isTia.Tv by Kim Andison and Nigel Dawes. All photos and stories by Nige and Kim.

Story by Kim Andison
Nige and i had to be up early to make the 4hr drive to Empire Park, bar beach Newcastle - home to the first ABC (Australian bowl-riding championships). The weather man was making us uneasy, as we rose to overcast conditions and spitting rain - spelling gloom for the competition.

When we arrived the Gods were kind... the clouds dispersed and the comp was on!

After warm ups, the day kicked off with the The Mtn Dew Am Jam, and from the first second it was clear it was going to be an action packed afternoon. The local groms were putting on an explosive display and were tearing the bowl apart with flair and conviction. Sydney boy, Ben Kay from Bondi ended up taking the top spot with smooth runs (50's/airs/massive boardslides etc) and massive f/s airsand earned himself a spot at the Dew Jam @ Bowl-A-Rama at Bondi Beach.

Next up was the womans event, and jeez these girls could skate!!! First cab off the ranks was bondi girl poppy Olsen, who for 11 years of age was showing up some of boys. Busting 3 foot frontside styled airs out of the deep end (13ft) of the bowl. The girls were drawing some sweet lines, throwing down tech moves in the shallows. It was a hard fought battle, all the girls skated immensely but lil poppy ended up taking the honours with some fine f/s and b/s combo's from down deep in the bowl.
Photo Nigel Dawes
The masters event featured some VFS! Very Fine Skating...! The older lads took to the bowl in true old school fashion, busting 5ft above the coping and ruling the deep end like the old saying goes... "just like riding a bike mate" Mik Mulhall took the honours, ahead of Adam & Noah, all riders putting on a memorable display of skateboarding ending with a mad snake session and some very close death encounters...

Next up was the main event and the boys were vying for $20,000 prize money, the glory of winning the first ABC and the chance to compete in the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama. RJ Barbaro came out and owned the bowl, putting on a fierce display of airiel manoeuvres and fat coping grinds. Kalani David, which was the first time i've seen him skate was destroying the bowl and bringing some north shore flavour to the Australian beaches. Kalani gave it his all only to be shadowed by RJ & Jack who were shredding all day, outclassed by Renton Millar who gave a stellar performance linking the fattest madonnas, f/s grinds topping it off with his trademark
Photo Nigel Dawes
540 spin to claim the major prize and entry into the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama.
Mik Mulhall, Adam Luxford, Luke Foster, Tony Hallam and John Gray who skated in the Masters & Renton Millar, Jack Fardell,
Jackson Pilz, Matt Kitai and Zeke Mathews from the Pro division are now guaranteed a spot at Vans Bowl-A-Rama Bondi to skate amongst the biggest professional bowl-riders in the world.
Newcastle was an epic event and we're now looking forward to the Bondi Bowl-A-Rama and some more filthy skateboarding...
Till then... Enjoy skateboarding and peace!

Picture Nigel Dawes
by Nigel Dawes

Nige: i'm talking to nathan trew, sorry man, i've got a bit of a scratchy voice from yelling over the pumping music all day. what did you think of the the music bro?
Nathan: man the music was awesome, it definitly amps us up and all the boys get fully pysched and then just the adrenalin kicks in....! Good beats make for good skating!

Nige: So how did you end up today?
Nathan: Yeah man, well i just surprised myself, I just thought alright and went in there and y'knoq see how i'd go and did ok man. Was very happy with how i went for sure.

Nige: Were you intimidated by the competition?
Nathan: Yeah sorta, but it was all good man. We all get in there and have a go and feed off the other boys when we skate. You know everyone just feeds off each other and encourages everyone. You know we're all like family, good friends and all that and we just love it.

Me: So who was your favourite skater out there today? Like who was charging out there like there life depended on it? Personal favourite?
: Ohhhhh. Fardell... man, Fardell was killing it!!

Me: Yeah man, Fardell was killing it!
But you know, Otavio always surprises us.

Me: Yeah man he is so consistent hey!
Yeah man!

Me: So what was the raddest move you saw today?
Ooooohhhh... there were a couple of combo's which stood out, but ah Otavio was doin the one foot 5-0 grinds which was pretty sick plus his nollies over the crooks were just amazing. Pillsy got the crooks and then grabbed it so hard over the shallows and it was one of the gnarliest tricks man, then he backtails out of it and shelves out with one foot on the board. ha ha ha ha ha

Me: All in all what did you think of the event, the bowl and Newcastle?
Yeah man, all the guys are 100% friendly and the vibe was just awesome. The skate park, the bowl itself is probably one of the best bowls i've ever ridden in my life. I've ridden all around the parks in New Zealand, a lot of parks in Australia and i think this ones topped it off for now. It's super fast, and because of the size of it, you kinda forget
Lil' Poppy Olsen ended up taking the honours with some fine f/s and b/s combo's from down deep in the bowl.

your riding a 13ft bowl ha ha, it's huge. I'll definitely be back next year.

Nige: So how were all the grommies skating today?
Yeah man, the grommies were ruling hey! Luke Russell, Little Lachie and Ben Kay were ripping. There was such a good vibe among all the young blokes and they were charging.

Me: Good luck in New Zealand bro and I’ll catch you down the park soon.
Yeh thanks, for sure.

More pictures of the HurleyABC Australian Championships soon...
Stay tuned for complete coverage and pictures.

Those are the rsults for the ABC Hurley Australian Bowl-Riding Championships

Photo Nigel Dawes
Pro Top 3

1. Renton Millar
2. Jack Fardell
3. RJ Barbaro

Master's Top 3

1. Mik Mulhall
2. Pat Ngoho
3. Adam Luxford

The Winners in the Master's division (from left to right): Pat N'Goho, Michael Mulhall, Adam Luxford. Photo Nigel Dawes

Both Kim Andison and Nigel Dawes are from Sydney, Australia. They cover surfing and skateboarding events for Australian media. You can see more pix of Nigel Dawes at


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