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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

R.I.P. skateboarding videos websites

Tony Hawk "Ride" channel is storming on You Tube on January 17th with a $100 million investment.
R.I.P DYI Skateboarding

R.I.P. skateboarding videos websites
It hurts to say this, but please, watch the new video from Tony Hawk and note that on Januray 17th, skateboarding is entering a new era. Like we already forecast in a past post (5 Changes in skateboarding for 2012); January 17th marks the day when you can kiss goodbye to your regular (small) websites promoting skate videos (including isTia.TV and even including mega website Shred or Die). You can kiss goodbye to the influence of Facebook as a medium of choice for posting skateboard videos and you can definitively kiss goodbye to Fuel.Tv even if they already auto-destroyed themselves a few weeks ago anyway.
For, January 17th is the day that Tony Hawk is starting broadcasting his Ride Channel on YouTube…
Coming on January 17th, you will be able to see on You Tube weekly shows featuring Tony Hawk , Jamie Thomas, Lance Krall, SLAP, Skatepark of Tampa, Mike Manzoori, Frank Black, Rob Brink, Erica Yary, Kevin Staab, Thurston Moore, Chris Cole, Stevie Williams, JT Aultz, Tom Delonge, Jeremy Klein, Ricky Oyola, Bobby Worrest, Amy Purdy, MGMT, Bam Margera, Cairo Foster, Kat VonD, Ben Harper, Rodney Mullen, Dinosaur Jr. Henry Rollins, Chris Pastras, and a host of others.

Twenty two original shows are what Tony Hawk has in store for Ride Channel. Some of them are already up and running and many which will broadcast new episodes weekly. One that wil be particularly interesting is the “In Focus with Mike Manzoori”. It's set to start on January 23rd and promises to shine a spotlight on the technical aspects of skate photography and filmmaking. One new episode will appear every Monday. There are three great shows ready to run on Tuesdays: “Tony's Crew”, “Let the Good Times Roll” and “Gnar Zone”. Of course “Tony's Crew” features the Birdman himself and will highlight skaters within his inner circle. “Let the Good Times Roll” will be hosted by pro skater Jamie Thomas and go behind the scenes of skate life. “The Gnar Zone” will be hosted by Lance Krall and looks like it will be witty. On Fridays Ride Channel is showing the Weekend Buzz, which sound like an Entertainment Tonight style show only with pro skaters as the subject matter. The hosts of Weekend Buzz are Erica Yary and Rob Brink. From the looks of the preview, they have good chemistry and that should make the show even more entertaining.

Other shows that are due to launch on Ride Channel in the coming months include “Hand in Hand” which focus is going to be on musicians and artists connected to skating. Additional shows will give skaters a chance to learn new tricks, win credit at the Skatepark of Tampa's skate shop and learn more about the lives of the pros.

For Tony Hawk, this move from Shred-or-Die to You Tube is backed by a $100 million investment from YouTube who revealed plans to launch more than 100 original-content channels. YouTube hopes to improve the production quality of its videos, making the site more attractive for both users and advertisers. On top of the Tony Haw- Ride Channel, You Tube will offer free content from celebrities like Shaq and Amy Poehler, along with content producers like WWE and TED conferences.

Rumors circulated that the channels are backed by producers and media companies receiving as much as $5 million apiece. YouTube plans to recoup the investment through a split of the ad revenue generated from the new content channels. YouTube had more than 600 million unique visitors world-wide last month, and it is expected to generate more than $1 billion in net revenue this year, up from more than $500 million last year.

The era of big money and professionalism has started… R.I.P. DIY skateboarding blogs…


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, January 11, 2012 


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