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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rob Dyrdek buys back Alien Workshop

Rob Dyrdek buys back Alien Workshop
Rob Dyrdek made a surprising announcement at the Zumiez $100k party last night by grabbing the mike from Alien Workshop Co-founder Chris Carter and told the hundreds of Zumiez’s employees, skaters and industry executives there that he is buying back Alien Workshop from Burton. Alien Workshop has sponsored Rob since he was 11 years old and is based in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. The fact that an old pro is buying back the company he was once just an employee is a big deal and not just in the skateboarding industry. Frankly, when was the last time you heard an employee bought back its employer?

Other sponsors include DC Shoes and Monster Energy. Dyrdek's properties include Wild Grinders, Street League Skateboarding, The Rob Dyrdek Foundation and Megahorse Racing. In addition, Dyrdek has partnerships with various brands including Bill My Parents, ISX(TM) (Instant Scoring Experience) and DTA Rogue Status with musician Travis Barker.

Wild Grinders, a fictional cartoon skate crew, is Dyrdek's first venture into toys based on him and his group of childhood skateboarding friends. The line consists of six characters. Dyrdek also pioneered the iSX, Instant Scoring Experience, which he hopes will revolutionize the way skate competitions are held. He is the creator of the Street League Skateboarding - a professional skateboarding contest offering the largest prize purse in skateboarding history and is also broadcasted live on ESPN and ESPN2. Dyrdek also has his own signature TAG Body Spray scent called Make Moves. Rob has also partnered with Chevrolet for the launch of the new Chevy Sonic. As part of the launch campaign, Rob performed a "kickflip" with a Sonic which was a full 360 degree rotation off a ramp and over the world's record largest skateboard which he also created. He performed the stunt at Six Flags Magic Mountain.


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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Thursday, January 12, 2012 


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