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Monday, January 16, 2012

Woodward West Winter Skateboard Camp

Skate and Destroy is a state of mind. For Andrew Langi, destruction comes as clean and easy as a walk in the park.
Andrew Langi and friends at Woodward West
Andrew Langi and some of the Flip Skateboard ams recently hit up Woodward West and tore it up. Andrew decided he wanted to skate after watching X Games on TV. He skates bowls, but also does well on street. When he started skating at age 12, his mom turned into a great skate mom, hanging out in parks with him.
Sponsors: Flip Skateboards, LRG, Vans, Indy, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip, Diamond Supply Co., Momentum Ride Shop, Meiste Watches
Hometown: Redwood City CA Stance: Regular Status: Am
Andrew now rides for Flip.

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Monday, January 16, 2012 


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