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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bowl-A-Rama 2012 at Bondi Beach (Sydney)

Pedro Barros #1 at Bowl-A-rama Wellington. #1 at Manly beach Bowl during the Australian Open of Surfing.
Will he be #1 at Bowl-A-Rama Bondi?

Bowl-A-Rama 2012 at Bondi Beach (Sydney)

What a month it is!!! For people used to see large skate bowl events in the USA, Down Under is really popping up as a major player. It all started on January 28th 2012 with the The ABC Hurley Australian Bowlriding championship at Newcastle were Renton Millar, Jack Fardell and Mik Mulhall stole the show (along with lil’ Poppy Starr Olsen…). Then, there was this insane tour with Tony Hawk, called the Gold Coast Big Day out tour covering NZ and Oz where the major vert riders participated. On February 11th, Bowl-A-Rama opened the salvo at Wellington with Pedro Barros, Kevin Kowalky, Pat Ngoho and Sergie Ventura landing respectively #1 and #2 of their division (Pro and masters). And just this past week end, the Hurley Billabong Manly Beach Bowl contest where almost the same landed at the same places.
The media frenzy around the Beach Bowl contest in Manly Beach is the perfect example of this newfound fascination for bowl riding.
And now, the last big Australian event of the bowlriding series for February 2012 is about to unravel in a couple of days with Pedro Barros, Cab, Bucky Lasek, Rune Glifberg, Sam Beckett & Pat Ngoho. For the first time ever there will also be Australian wild card entries who earned their spot at the newly launched Hurley Australian Bowl-riders competition (ABC™) hosted at Bar Beach Empire Skate in Newcastle over the Australia Day long weekend.

Steve Caballero (US) & one of the most heralded teen prodigies Pedro Barros (BRAZIL) battle it out to defend their respective titles at one of skateboarding’s biggest professional bowl contests and week of cultural festivals in Australasia, Vans Bowl-A-Rama™ Bondi 2012.

Original Bones Brigade member Steve Caballero will be defending his fifth Masters title on Saturday the 25th of February, against the backdrop of one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches, Bondi, in a competition that has hosted him four times previously. Cab is out to prove yet again, that this title and a share of $80,000, one of the biggest prize purses yet, belongs to him.
“Steve Caballero has been pro for over 30 years and he has been at the top of professional skateboarding the whole time. There are not many, if any, professional athletes in any sport that can say that. Having a skater of his stature come back this year to compete for his 5th title in a row is a great honour for us and a fantastic opportunity for everyone who has ever been a fan of his and skateboarding.” Frontside Events director – Chad Ford.

Also vying for a large piece of the overall prize purse is Brazilian Pedro Barros. This 16-year-old continues to beat some of the world's best pool skaters, since winning the Pro-Tec Pool Party in May 2011 as well as the Vans Bowl-A-Rama™ Bondi and Bowl-A-Rama™ Wellington. He finished 2011 as the #1 bowl skater on the World Cup Skateboarding series and has something big to prove to riders who are almost double his age.

“We have worked very hard to ensure that Australia has a place on the international stage with Vans BOWL-A-RAMA™ Bondi and now we are there we want to ensure that it works hard for Australian skaters. We now have a clear pathway for Australian riders to literally come from nowhere and earn their way onto the international tour and make a living by qualifying through Hurley ABC and going on to compete at Vans BOWL-A-RAMA™ Bondi.” Frontside Events director – Chad Ford.
Officially sanctioned by the World Cup Skateboarding, Vans Bowl-A-Rama™ Bondi celebrates the culture of skateboarding by offering a week of festivities in the lead up to the competition on the Saturday. All listed side events are open to the public, so for your chance to get amongst the action and rub shoulders with the biggest skateboarding talent in the world, save the date for Vans Bowl-A-Rama™ 2012!

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