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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Evan Doherty skates Monster ramp with PLG

Evan Doherty skates the Monster ramp with PLG
Evan Doherty skates the Monster ramp

There are times in the life that are priceless. One of those is my first meeting with Evan Doherty… A couple of days before the Ams Combi Pool Classic, I was taking random pictures at Vans. I was not really paying attention to the people around me: I was rather concentrated on focusing and trying to get the best angle to shoot when suddenly someone poked me on my shoulder. I took a quick look and saw a small, tiny skater, covered with red clothing all over him and a big helmet on his head. He was all in sweat and boasting a wonderful smile on his face.
Evan Doherty at Vans. This day he was skating back and forth in the square pool and doing
four 540's in a row... Say, can you do one, even?   

“Oh Evan! How are you?” I asked him! But almost immediately, I looked around me and realized that hundreds of people were running amok everywhere around the bowl, jumping like crazy fleas, taking pictures with flashes, shooting like it’s a mini crisis or the end of the world and I felt stressed… Well, the little guy is only 8 years old… “Where are you parents?” I asked concerned… Evan pointed in one direction and I saw Evan’s parents, their face radiant and waving at me like I have been their best buddy for the past 20 years…

Yes, Evan Doherty’s parents and the kindest parents on earth. And I’m not saying that because they give everything to Evan and they are all behind him, but really because there are some of the coolest parents I have ever met! Evan’s dad sold his old house to buy a new one bigger with lots of backyard just to be able to assemble a giant vert ramp for his son. Evan’s parents have a genuine smile on their face all the time and they are always happy. Yeah, that’s my kind of parents. And it certainly reflects on Evan’s behavior: when he is skating, Evan looks like he is having the best time of his life and his parents look the same.

However, this story is not about Evan Doherty’s parents, but about Evan Himself… Evan is the youngest kid to ever land a 540. He is the youngest kid to ever land a 720. And even if Evan is only 8 years old, he already has a list of sponsors bigger than Cab (at least, when Cab was 8). He has skated with Christian Hosoi, with PLG and Tony Hawk has recognized his talent several times in twitter. Evan is the new phenom from the Midwest and he is pulling 540's on giant-sized vert ramps, hence captivating the attention of the sport's legends. The future of vert skating is in good hands and if you doubt it, just take a look at the video with Evan and PLG on the Monster ramp. You’ll feel smaller suddenly… Even smaller than Evan…

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Wednesday, February 15, 2012 


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