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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oi Vert Jam 2012 Rio De Janeiro

Marcelo Bastos landed #1 of the Oi Vert Jam in 2011
Oi Vert Jam Skateboarding contest in Rio
In recent years is the Oi Vert Jam skateboarding competition generally opened the annual calendar of the WCS (World Cup Skateboarding). But not this year: the WCS already organized 4 contests in 2012: the Vans Combi Pool Classic, the Newcastle Australian Bowl contest, and the two Bowl-A-Rama, the one in New Zealand and in Bondi.
In the past two years Marcelo Bastos won the Oi Vert Jam in Rio
The CBSK (Brazilian Confederation of Skate) released today information about the Oi Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 and the official program of the competition which will be valid as the first stage of the WCS 2012 World Tour, pointing to the Annual Ranking World Cup Skateboarding. The event will be broadcast live by Rede Globo on Sunday morning on March 4.
The Oi Vert Jam is a Vert contest that traditionally take place in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2002, Vert Jam is part of the major skating competitions held in Brazil.
This year, Oi Vert Jam will take place 01-04 March in Square O, Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro Avenida Rodolfo Amoedo, Rio de Janeiro, Sudeste 22620
Latest champs Oi Vert Jam
2002 - Sandro Dias
2003 - Rune Glifberg
2005 - Bob Burnquist
2006 - Bob Burnquist
2007 - Sandro Dias
2008 - Bob Burnquist
2009 - Renton Miller
2010 - Marcelo Bastos
2011 - Marcelo Bastos
Format of competition among skaters in Hi Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro in 2012
Marcelo Bastos, Champion last year, is right in the end. Ten (10) pre-qualified skaters go straight into the semi final.
PRACTICE: Practice free - open to all skaters registered.
TRAINING FOR BATTERY: Only skaters from its battery. Will always be the same batteries with competitors.
HEATING: Each battery will have 20 minutes of warm up before competing.
ROUND: 30 skaters - three batteries, three rounds, each round wall 15, it is best lap, 10 skaters advance to the semi final for a total of 20 skaters.
SEMI FINAL: 20 skaters, 2 batteries of 10 skaters, 3 laps, 15 walls every turn, it's better back nine skaters advance to the Final and join Marcelo Bastos.
-10 Skaters
-20 Minutes of heating
-4 Laps
-15 Walls every turn (skaters descend in order)
Valley-best lap
-Total time approx: 60 minutes
-All rounds will be evaluated, it is best
Format of 15 laps on the walls: each round will consist of up to 15 walls. If the skater falls before completing 13 walls, your back is closed. Skaters descend in order for the third round and round in the semi final. Skaters descend in order for the four laps in the Final. Draw: It's better paying back a note of all judges. Tie persists, the second best lap worth note of all judges. Still a tie: the third best lap worth note of all judges. Fourth best lap worth note of all judges. In the event of a tie after the criterion of using all the notes of the fourth round head judge chooses the tiebreaker.
Marcelo Bastos - Champion last year and ranking CBSK - right in the Final!
The following skaters who made the podium the Hi Vert Jam 2011 - advance to the semi final
Bob Burnquist - 2nd place 2011 & WCS # 4
Ronaldo Gomes - 3rd place 2011 & WCS CBSK # 5 & # 3
Top 4 World Ranking of WCS, advance to the semi finals:
Sandro Dias - WCS # 1 & # 2 CBSK
Andy Macdonald - WCS # 2
Alex Perelson - WCS # 6
Elliot Sloan - WCS # 8
Top Ranking second in the semi final CBSK:
7 - Edgar "Grandpa" Pereira - CBSK # 4
8 - Victor Simon - CBSK # 5
Wildcard 1 WCS:
9 - Rune Glifberg - because it was already champion Vert Jam
10 - Renton Millar - because it was already champion Vert Jam
The total prize is $ 20,000, divided among 00 top 10 skaters.
In addition to pre-qualified skaters are confirmed as follows:
1 - Mitchie Brusco
2 - Adam Taylor
3 - Bucky Lasek
4 - Nathan Beck
The Hi Vert Jam is a realization of MaxSports and has the technical organization of CBSK (Brazilian Confederation of Skateboarding and WCS (World Cup Skateboarding).
Good luck to the participants of skateboarders Hi Vert Jam in 2012 and is a tip for those who want to go to Rio de Janeiro monitor the competition.

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