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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Salba Birthday Video

Salba just turned 49
Steve Alba Birthday Video

Steve Alba was already there when the Pipeline skatepark at Upland was built. At the time, he was actually not only one of the masters of the park but helped define vert skateboarding as we know it today (along with a couple of other things – he is also credited to be one of the first to bring punk-rock to skateboarding). If you see him skating the new Upland skatepark, you would NOT believe he is now 49. He goes way high in the pipe and only a very few experimented skaters can follow him…

Tristan Rennie at the Ams Combi Pool Classic in January 2012
That superlative goes to Tristan Rennie. Tristan is a skater in his teen and is one of Salba’s protégé. He also rides for SalbaCruz (a division of Santa Cruz). Tristan is amazingly good at skating pipes and pools and his recent demonstration at the Ams Combi Pool Classic at Vans left a couple of people in awe… This Salba video celebrating his birthday last WE is also about Tristan’s skills. Take a look at it, there is a nice part with Tristan and you’ll understand why he belongs to the future of skateboarding.

Funny how you start a story with Salba and you end with Tristan Rennie right?

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posted by Xavier Lannes @ Tuesday, February 07, 2012 


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