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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Secret Mega Ramp 2.0 Setup

The Mega Ramp 2.0
Mini-Mega Ramp 2.0

For a couple of weeks, a new Mega Ramp 2.0 was secretly installed in a secluded place of San Diego county. Only very few people were authorized to witness and ride this new vert jewel and those who were authorized were more than reticent to talk about it. Of course, there was no professional photographer allowed into the premisses. Amid the people that could ride the ramp are some of the best vert riders of the moment: Justin and Travis Rivera, Austin Poynter, Jeremy Green, Tom Schaar, Mitchie Brusco, PLG, and Lincoln Ueda. The ramp has now been taken down and is on its way, first to the Asian X-Games and then on a tour worldwide.
The Mega Ramp 2.0 view from below...

We met with Aidan Dansey, one of the happy few, who never rode a Mega before and we asked how it is to skate on one of the biggest structures in the world…

isTia.Tv: Where was the ramp located?
Aidan Dansey: The ramp was in North County San Diego.

isTia.Tv: When was it set up?
Aidan Dansey: It was set up in the beginning of February.

isTia.Tv: Who does this ramp belonging to?
Aidan Dansey: California Rampworks/Megaramp

The launch pad of the Mega Ramp 2.0 Photo courtesy of Aidan Dansey
isTia.Tv: What was the most difficult part about skating the megaramp 2.0?
Aidan Dansey: I first heard of the Mega 2.0 being referred to as the “mini mega.” When I heard this I thought it was going to be a lot smaller than it actually was. When I arrived on that first day, I realized that there was nothing ‘mini’ about it. There were a couple other kids there who were doing it for their first time too, so that made me feel more comfortable. The first challenge for me was getting over the fear of rolling in and clearing the gap. Then, the most difficult part was the quarter-pipe. When you land the gap, you have so much speed and when you hit the quarterpipe, it feels like you are in the air for so long.
After getting over the fear of landing the whole thing, you can’t wait to do it again.

isTia.Tv: Was the ramp set up for a special training?
Aidan Dansey: The mega ramp 2.0 was built here because California Rampworks/Megaramp wanted to test out some changes in the design of the ramp before sending it to competitions and demos around the world. Unfortunately, it isn’t permanent here and is being taken down soon.

isTia.Tv: Who was at the Saturday-Sunday sesh with you?
Aidan Dansey flying over the Mega gap...
Aidan Dansey: Justin and Travis Rivera, Austin Poynter, Jeremy Green, Tom Schaar, Mitchie Brusco, PLG, and Lincoln Ueda.

isTia.Tv: Are you moving from bowl to vert?
Aidan Dansey: No. I am still working on bowl a lot, but I just could not miss this amazing opportunity. I try to skate vert just as much as I skate bowl.

isTia.Tv: Are you going to continue to skate the megaramp 2.0?
Aidan Dansey: Yes. Definitely. I have heard that California Rampworks/Megaramp is going to build one at Woodward West this summer, so I am definitely going to try go up there for a couple of weeks. Also, I am hoping to skate the actual megaramp sometime soon.

Aidan Dansey is sponsored by Flood Kontrol, Socal Skateshop, and 187 Pads (flow) and reached the 5th place at the last Ams Combi Pool Classic at Vans last January 2012. Thanks for the interview Aidan. Read a more in-depth interview of Aidan Dansey on isTia.Tv. All pictures coutesy of Aidan Dansey.

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